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Homeschooling through virtual charter schools or public school independent study programs is actually a form of public education in which the public school, rather than the parent, directs the child’s education.

While we recognize that a family’s moving from a brick-and-mortar public school to a virtual charter school or independent study program is a step in the direction of more parental involvement and being able to provide a safer, more nurturing learning environment, their child’s curriculum and schedule are still ultimately controlled by the public school. The sad reality: many parents exiting such programs have told us they are leaving because of limitations on curriculum choices or inflexibility in scheduling and pacing—restrictions which keep their children from thriving.

HSLDA does not provide legal services in connection with children enrolled in any such public school options.

We recognize that the curriculum, technology, and other amenities offered by virtual charter schools and public school independent study programs can be very helpful and even essential to families facing financial pressure. In order to help make the ultimate flexibility and freedom offered by private homeschooling available to as many families as possible, we offer curriculum grants through HSLDA Compassion.


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Steering Your Family Along the Technology Highway

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Full Stack Web Developer

HSLDA’s Technology department is looking for an IT professional who is proficient in both front-end and back-end coding to join our team.

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