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Time-Outs, Turbulence, and a Turn-Around

My experience with adapted teaching styles

Personality Types and Learning from Each Other

If one of your children learns differently from you or their siblings, see it as an opportunity!

Playing to Our Strengths

What works best for other people may not work best for your family—and that’s ok!

Discovering our Styles

It can be helpful to remember that we all learn differently. 

5 Books That Totally Reinforce What I Was Thinking About Homeschooling Anyway

I’ve spent this school year poking around with the Charlotte Mason and classical educational philosophies . . .

A Thomas Jefferson Education

DeMille’s book offers some valuable tips that could reshape your approach to homeschooling.

Stop and Dig Deeper: Developing Interest

Slowing down and focusing on one subject can be an important means of learning. 

What’s My Teaching Style?

Discover your teaching style by asking questions such as: What kind of scheduling works best for me? Do I like everything planned out or enjoy winging it sometimes? What’s my personality type? This a key to building your personal homeschool GPS!

Homeschooling as a Team: 3 Dos (and 1 Don’t)

Tip: Don’t ever say this ever to your teammate. 

Quiz: What's Your Homeschooling Philosophy

Is your education philosophy Montessorian? Jeffersonian? Classical? Not sure? Take this quiz to find out!

What’s My Educational Approach or Homeschool Style?

Let’s take a look at the 9 most common educational approaches or ways you could homeschool. (And you don’t have to pick just one—the best fit for you family might be a combination of two or even more!)

What’s My Child’s Learning Preference?

How does your child best absorb, comprehend, and retain new information and skills? Identifying their learning preference(s) is key to establishing your personal homeschool GPS and finding the curriculum that fits them best.

Modalities & Multiple Intelligences

The Way They Learn covers several different models used to determine learning styles.

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