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Learning through Stories

How can you harness the power of stories to help your children grow? Musician, author, and homeschooling dad Andrew Peterson answers this question and more.

My Homeschool Story

Stories build bridges. They illuminate what we have in common. They inspire.

Key Cases & Stories


Readers and Tellers: Sharing Stories with Your Children

If you’re a reader, taking time to read aloud to your family creates memories that will last their whole lives. If you’re a storyteller, your voice and your imagination will inspire your children and even your grandchildren.

Harvard Panel: Homeschool Parents Share Success Stories

After six weeks of reports from academics, a Harvard conference on home education gave homeschooling parents the last word.

Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Food-Free, and Other Diet Stories

On a special diet? Here are 3 gluten-free, dairy-free recipes!

Winners of Our Teen Servant Leadership Award

This award recognizes homeschooled teens for exemplary community service. Read about past winners and nominate a teen you know.

Enough is Enough

Tanya’s experience is not unique. Our legal team has heard similar stories over the years from other NYC families trying to begin homeschooling.

Summer Book Round-up

The summer books I selected are stories about bravery, curiosity, play, and the exploration of the natural world. Grab a glass of lemonade, a stack of books, and sit under a tree to read to your preschooler.
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Want to feel great about what your kids watch? Minno provides a place where kids discover God in stories they love and parents find expert help and everyday encouragement. HSLDA member's get an exclusive discount!
Court Report

How to tell a story

The opportunities and risks of the next 30 years will likely be different from those of the last 30 years—so we must adapt and be nimble. Telling our stories together, we will keep homeschooling free for future generations.

Day-Late Paperwork Lands Grandma on Abuse Registry. Seriously?

A death in the family put this grandmother behind in filing a notice of intent and a quarterly report for the grandchildren she homeschools. CPS investigators said this amounted to maltreatment.

Child Support Restored for Special Needs Student


Unannounced Home Visits for Homeschoolers? CATO Clarifies.

After a recent panel discussion on homeschooling, our good friend at the Cato Institute reaffirmed their goal of promoting individual liberty and limited government.

CalWORKS Does Work for Homeschooling Families

What’s a family to do when the county tells them their 18-year-old high school student no longer qualifies for benefits? Call HSLDA to sort it out!

Virginia: COVID-19 Confusion

Virginia’s complicated guidelines for reopening schools are just a sample of the restrictions being proposed across the country. In comparison, homeschooling offers a straightforward and flexible options for keep students safe and learning.

COVID-19: New York Board of Regents Changes Homeschool Assessment Requirements

The Board of Regents voted on changes to the annual assessment requirement for homeschool parents.

Uproara, Colorado

A school district in Colorado has set up a web form to make paperwork easier for homeschool families. It also demands information not required by law.

Alabama—What are My Homeschooling Options?

All parents must comply with the state reporting requirements for the homeschooling option they choose.

Homeschooling in China: Through the Eyes of a Guinea Pig

My mom didn’t know a lot about the blip on the radar called “homeschooling” when she embarked on the endeavor. With the amount of moving we did, it just made sense to try it.
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