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Yes, and often parents find that the homeschool setting allows their children to thrive! There are many resources available—from diagnostic testing and specialized curriculum to supportive or therapeutic services and more. HSLDA’s Special Needs Consultants are available to assist members with questions and support.

Yes. And it can be a great option! Whether your child has a physical or mental disability or a specific learning disability, homeschooling may be the best option to help them thrive educationally. You may not be a special education expert, but you are an expert on your child!

Check out your state’s special needs provisions to see regulations that may apply to your homeschool. And please visit our Special Needs page to access free articles and other resources. HSLDA members can contact our Special Needs Consultants for personalized guidance and support.

Finding the right resources for your student with special needs is critical, and HSLDA can help you find them! We have a lot of free articles and resources that you can look into. Here are a few options:

You can find a lot more articles and resources on our Special Needs page. If you’re an HSLDA member, you can contact our Special Needs Consultants at any time to receive personalized guidance and support!

Our Educational Consultants can help you choose curriculum, make lesson plans, create transcripts, navigate college entrance exams, find the right program for your student with special needs, and so much more!

HSLDA’s three Educational Consultant teams each focus on a particular area of homeschooling: preK–8th, high school, and special needs. They’re all committed to helping you provide the home education that’s just right for your child.

If you’re an HSLDA member, you can contact an Educational Consultant here!


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Unyielding school administrators wouldn’t accommodate the therapy schedule of this 9-year-old with special needs.

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Can I homeschool my child who struggles with learning or has special needs? YES! Watch webinar on starting, IEPs, SEPs, therapy, curriculum, accommodations.

Cheri Kay Sessions

Special Needs Educational Consultant

Judi Munday

Judi has been teaching children with special needs for over 30 years in public, private, and Christian schools.

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Looking to help your child who learns differently experience more success? Homeschooling offers freedom, flexibility, self-pacing, discovery, and personal mastery. You can start homeschooling midyear, right now—with special needs! Watch this webinar.

Krisa Winn

Special Needs & Pre-K–8th Educational Consultant

Q&A: Homeschooling a Child with Special Needs | Ep. 56

Do you have questions about homeschooling a child with special needs? Join HSLDA Special Needs Consultants Rochelle Matthews-Somerville and Krisa Winn as they offer encouragement and practical tips on your homeschool journey!

Q&A: Homeschooling a Child with Special Needs | Ep. 80

Join HSLDA Special Needs Consultants and homeschooling moms Rochelle Matthews-Somerville, PhD, and Cheri Kay Sessions for a Q&A episode!

Faith Berens, MEd

Faith Berens, MEd, is an educational consultant, evaluator, and reading specialist with over 15 years of teaching experience. She’s also a homeschool mom and team leader for HSLDA’s Special Needs Educational Consultants.