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Sosebee Decision Confirms It’s a “Notice” not a “Request”

A notice of intent to provide home instruction is effective the very minute it is transmitted to the superintendent, assuming it contains everything the law requires.

State Supreme Court Hands Victory to Homeschool Family

Kirk and Kristen Sosebee, second-generation homeschoolers, stood up for the rule of law when their local school district made demands that exceed the Virginia homeschool statute. Last week the state supreme court agreed with the Sosebees.

Why the Virginia Supreme Court Needs to Protect Homeschoolers

What happens when local officials decide not to follow the law—or decide to make their own? The Sosebee family in Franklin County, Virginia, is finding out firsthand.

HSLDA to VA Supreme Court: Uphold Our Liberty

A Virginia school district admits to state supreme court justices that it planned to prosecute a homeschool family over a made-up policy.



Virginia Homeschool Laws