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Yes. HSLDA’s leaders, directors, and employees are Christians who seek to honor God by providing the very highest levels of service in defending homeschool freedom and equipping homeschoolers. And because of our beliefs, we want every family to have the freedom to direct their children’s education, no matter their background or religious affiliation. Therefore, we do not make religious beliefs a condition of membership or any other service we offer. You can learn more about HSLDA here.


Officials’ Confusion over Education Law Lands Family in Court

An Ohio family followed the law when they formed an 08 school to accommodate their religious beliefs. Unfortunately, the local officials were not familiar with the law, so they took the family to court.

Your best homeschooling qualification

Here’s the bottom line: being attentive, caring parents is what equips us to be good teachers—not holding a certificate.

Senators Seek to Free Cuban Homeschool Parents

As of June 12, 2019, as the US Senate prepares a resolution calling on Cuba to inject freedom into its society and release jailed homeschoolers, more parents have been imprisoned for homeschooling in the Caribbean nation.


Legal status and resources on homeschooling in Venezuela 


Making Homeschooling Possible—Together. Every child is different and should have the freedom to learn in a safe, loving environment at their own pace.

HSLDA, Global Liberty Alliance file Human Rights Request

May 6, 2019: HSLDA and GLA formally request that the IACHR grants precautionary measure in favor of the Rigal family in Cuba


Legal status and resources for homeschooling in Belarus.

Trump’s Historic UN Speech Should Help Persecuted Homeschoolers

New laws in these nations have removed barriers to homeschooling, which in turn has encouraged more families to explore this exciting educational option.

HSLDA Files Romeike v. Holder with U.S. Supreme Court

Home School Legal Defense Association files petition to the United States Supreme Court to hear the Romeike case after 6th Circuit Court of Appeals denial

Dangerous Policy Lurks Behind Romeike Triumph

HSLDA is immensely grateful to federal officials for allowing the Romeikes to stay in America.