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The Book is Better

What happens when a book purist becomes a mother. . . 

Cold Days & Winter Tales: The Great Snowflake Photographer

When Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley saw snow up close, he had to share his finds with the world.  

Summer Book Round-up

The summer books I selected are stories about bravery, curiosity, play, and the exploration of the natural world. Grab a glass of lemonade, a stack of books, and sit under a tree to read to your preschooler.

5+ Ways to Teach the American Revolution Through Story

A great way to teach history is supplementing with some historical fiction resources like these. 

5 Books That Totally Reinforce What I Was Thinking About Homeschooling Anyway

I’ve spent this school year poking around with the Charlotte Mason and classical educational philosophies . . .

For the Parents: Self-Educating with Books

Here are some tricks to squeeze more books into your busy life . . . 

“Please Fix Your Kids”

“Looking back, I have a much better perspective of what we were going through.”  

Four Ways to Help Kids Read 40 Books a Year

You may find that reading alongside your kids is both encouraging and the most re-charging part of your day!

Your Kid Can Read 40 Chapter Books in a School Year (Yes, They Can!)

And why it’s worth it.