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Why Your Homeschool Needs A Daily Rest Time

Naptime is just as much for the parents as the child. 

Senators Seek to Free Cuban Homeschool Parents

June 12, 2019: As the U.S. Senate prepares a resolution calling on Cuba to inject freedom into its society and release jailed homeschoolers, more parents have been imprisoned for homeschooling in the Caribbean nation.

Is Homeschooling a Good Fit for My Child?

Great question! Why not hear from someone who's living the experience? Find out what homeschooling parents and students have to say...

COVID-19: Fake News Prompts Parents to Fear Their Kids Will Be Taken

Inaccurate documents being shared online claim that officials in Oregon and California plan to take custody of children if their parents get COVID-19. This information is wrong.

Homeschooling in Michigan: a Memo

Parents in Michigan have three options to homeschool their children. Click here for a detailed summary of all three!

What Is Homeschooling and How Does It Work?

Take a look at common characteristics of homeschooling that empower parents to help each child thrive.

Homeschool Surge: Are Tiny Tutoring “Pods” the Next Big Thing?

More and more parents are affirming plans to work outside institutional venues to craft an innovative, custom educational program for their kids. We call this homeschooling.

Trust Homeschooling Parents

A proposed law in the Netherlands would make parents take a test before being permitted to homeschool. The national education council says the legislation should be revised.

CPS: “Good Work, Parents!”

A CPS investigator checking up on an HSLDA member family could see that the children were thriving—and complimented the parents for doing a good job.

Parents Homeschool for Good Reasons

This next installment of our HSLDA Responds series unpacks the many reasons behind parents' decisions to homeschool, backed by research and the personal experience of a 2nd generation homeschooling dad.

Harvard Panel: Homeschool Parents Share Success Stories

After six weeks of reports from academics, a Harvard conference on home education gave homeschooling parents the last word.

Statewide Child Welfare Check Sparks Outcry

When the Tennessee Department of Education released a toolkit equipping local officials to check up on all the state’s children age 0–18, many parents strenuously objected. The state is rethinking its approach.

Ohio 08 School Report to Parents Sample Letters

If you choose to homeschool as a non-chartered, non-tax supported ("08") school in Ohio, you can model your required "Report to Parents" letter and cover letter after these samples.

HSLDA to Harvard Prof: Homeschooling is a Fundamental Right

HSLDA has never said that parents have an absolute right to control children. We believe children are a gift from God to parents, and parents are entrusted with the duty to love, protect, nurture, direct, provide for, and educate their children.

Why Will Parents Likely Continue to Homeschool During the 2021-22 School Year?

Research shows a growing number of parents are concerned about learning disruptions caused by the pandemic and controversial curriculum being promoted by some private and public schools.

Cuba Still Sees Homeschooling as a Threat

Homeschooling still under attack in Cuba as parents try to exercise their rights

Judge: Homeschooling "Damages" Kids

October 2, 2012: Parents Lose Custody of Children for Sake of “Integration”

Johansson Family Back in Court

Swedish Officials Again Seek to Terminate Parents’ Custody of Domenic

Family Execution—Swedish Style

Appeals Court Reversal Stuns Parents of Boy Seized by the State

Inaugural “Indaba” Brings Hope to African Homeschoolers

Homeschool parents and students shared their successes to inspire and inform one another.
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