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Parents Wait 7 Months for Officials to OK Paperwork

This family submitted the homeschool paperwork early. But officials at a regional public school office apparently had their own idea about what the law requires—launching the family into an endless bureaucratic loop.

Handcuffed in her kitchen—Josilyn’s story: Worcester, MA

Although Josilyn had been legally homeschooling her son since January—and she had submitted all the right paperwork—the school district marked him as truant and turned Josilyn over to DCF. HSLDA has filed a lawsuit on her behalf. Watch her story.

Even School Officials Agree: CPS is not a Homeschool Enforcement Tool

Arlington District’s harassment of new homeschooling families led to over 100 parents showing up to ask for an end to rejected homeschool paperwork and unwarranted CPS investigations. What happened next was a pleasant surprise.

Antsy School Officials Monkey with Paperwork Deadline

Officials in Kentucky and Florida apparently couldn’t wait to find out if some families planned to keep homeschooling in the fall. Except that state law says they have to.

New York City’s Paperwork Delay Put Homeschoolers at Risk

The recent rise in homeschooling threatened to overwhelm the New York City office tasked with processing these families’ withdrawal and homeschooling notices. These delays have led to officials investigating these law-abiding parents.

Day-Late Paperwork Lands Grandma on Abuse Registry. Seriously?

A death in the family put this grandmother behind in filing a notice of intent and a quarterly report for the grandchildren she homeschools. CPS investigators said this amounted to maltreatment.

3 Essential Steps to Protect Your Special Needs Homeschool

Here are the best practices HSLDA recommends to give your special needs homeschool a solid legal foundation.

Can You Accept the Filing Waiver in Good Conscience?

There are many good reasons to follow the new guidance for filing homeschool paperwork.

Confessions of a Record-Keeping Flunky (and How I Reformed)

Wondering about homeschool recordkeeping? Here's what this mom learned on her journey.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Maine's Homeschool Forms

For all or most families, the best path is to continue sending in their paperwork as they always have, and avoid the department’s forms.

Why This Homeschool Mom’s Ordeal Can Help Everyone

A paperwork delay landed a mother on the child abuse registry. This injustice illustrates why the law needs to change.

Uproara, Colorado

A school district in Colorado has set up a web form to make paperwork easier for homeschool families. It also demands information not required by law.

Maine Department of Education Waives State Filing for Homeschoolers

The Maine Department of Education has waived the requirement that families file their homeschool paperwork with the state. But an explanation of the decision and how it affects families is warranted.

Homeschool Win: District's Unlawful Demands Get Overhauled

When a New Jersey family decided to switch to homeschooling, the local public school asked for a huge pile of paperwork based on a flawed district-wide policy.

South Dakota Expands Liberty for Homeschool Families

Historic legislation making it easier to homeschool and reducing the paperwork burden has taken effect. Here’s a detailed look at the changes.

Nebraska 6-year-old Exemption Affidavit

If you live in Nebraska and your child is 6-years old, you can file this form with your local school district, instead of the Rule 12 or Rule 13 paperwork.

HSLDA Sues New York City

Tanya had done everything right—filing paperwork and following the homeschool law of New York City. Imagine her shock when a Child Protective Services investigator came to her apartment because of a report of “educational neglect.”

Moms Stand Up to Unlawful Demands in Big Sky Country

It all started when this homeschool mom rallied others in her community to resist demands from local school officials—who froze their paperwork and asked for information the law doesn’t require.

Grandma: HSLDA Helped Get My Case Dismissed

When my granddaughter’s serious health issues interrupted her education, I decided to homeschool her. However, paperwork misunderstandings led to a visit from child protective services and a truancy charge. That’s when I called HSLDA . . .

Child Labor and Work Permit Laws in California

Here’s what you should know about California’s child labor laws and work permit requirements.
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