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Handcuffed in her kitchen—Josilyn’s story: Worcester, MA

Although Josilyn had been legally homeschooling her son since January—and she had submitted all the right paperwork—the school district marked him as truant and turned Josilyn over to DCF. HSLDA has filed a lawsuit on her behalf. Watch her story.

In a New York Minute? Not When It Comes to Processing Homeschool Paperwork

Several families in New York City who switched to homeschooling this fall have been waiting weeks to hear from the city that their paperwork has been processed. Meanwhile, their children’s former schools could report them for educational neglect.

Judge sentences mom for... late paperwork?


Day-Late Paperwork Lands Grandma on Abuse Registry. Seriously?

A death in the family put this grandmother behind in filing a notice of intent and a quarterly report for the grandchildren she homeschools. CPS investigators said this amounted to maltreatment.

New York City’s Paperwork Delay Put Homeschoolers at Risk

The recent rise in homeschooling threatened to overwhelm the New York City office tasked with processing these families’ withdrawal and homeschooling notices. These delays have led to officials investigating these law-abiding parents.

2 Districts Lost Up To 3 Years of Paperwork, Then Blamed Families

These homeschool families turned in their student evaluations on time. Their districts managed to lose them anyway, then blamed the families.

Can You Accept the Filing Waiver in Good Conscience?

There are many good reasons to follow the new guidance for filing homeschool paperwork.

Military Homeschoolers Don’t Have to File with the Military

Absent an exceptional situation, no homeschool family is ever required to give their home instruction paperwork to a Department of Defense representative.

Why This Homeschool Mom’s Ordeal Can Help Everyone

A paperwork delay landed a mother on the child abuse registry. This injustice illustrates why the law needs to change.

Homeschool Win: District's Unlawful Demands Get Overhauled

When a New Jersey family decided to switch to homeschooling, the local public school asked for a huge pile of paperwork based on a flawed district-wide policy.