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Massachusetts Notice of Intent Forms

To homeschool in Massachusetts you must submit a notice of intent to begin your homeschool, and a notice of intent to continue homeschooling each year after. Use these forms as instructed.

Virgin Islands Notice of Intent Forms

Use one of these notice of intent forms to begin homeschooling in the Virgin Islands.

New Hampshire Notice of Intent and Completion Forms

If you'd like to homeschool in the state of New Hampshire, you'll need to file a notice of intent when you begin your homeschool, and a notice of completion when you cease. HSLDA members can use these forms as instructed.

Vermont Notice of Intent Form

Fill out this form and mail it to the Commissioner of Education when providing notice of intent to homeschool. Keep a copy for your own records.

Nevada Notice of Intent Form

You can use this notice of intent form to notify your local public school superintendent of your intention to homeschool. Follow the instructions below.

Arkansas Notice of Intent Form

Notice of Intent with instructions, to be completed and sent to your local county or city superintendent of schools via certified mail/return receipt requested.

North Carolina Notice of Intent Form

If you choose not to file your notice of intent online, fill out this notice and mail it “certified mail/return receipt requested” to. . .

Colorado Notice of Intent

If you live in Colorado, mail this Notice of Intent as certified mail to any superintendent of any school district in Colorado 14 days before starting your home education program.

Florida Notices of Intent and Termination

In the state of Florida, you need to file a notice of intent when you begin your homeschool and a notice of termination when you stop. Use these forms as instructed below.

District: Sure You Can Homeschool. Just Sign Up for Public School First.

Even when the families clarified that they were going to homeschool their children privately, the school repeated its demand that they supplement their notice of intent with a public school registration form.