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Using a CODESA to challenge the BELA threat

Homeschoolers were given a new opportunity to share concerns about education legislation that could severely restrict homeschool freedom in South Africa.

Maine: Elected Officials Abolish Religious Exemption from Immunization

HSLDA and Homeschoolers of Maine are united in opposing this new law.

South Africa Homeschoolers Face New Threats

A review of the laws and policies on home education started in 2014, and it is still ongoing

Controlling Homeschoolers: New Regulations Impose State Testing

News from around the world shows that as homeschooling grows it attracts the attention of government authorities--attention that is not always positive

Public School Access for Homeschoolers in New Jersey

Here’s what New Jersey law says about homeschool students’ access to public school classes or services.

French Homeschoolers Fight Unreasonable New Restrictions

Homeschool advocates in France are preparing to challenge new regulations that are more restrictive than the law permits.

New York City’s Paperwork Delay Put Homeschoolers at Risk

The recent rise in homeschooling threatened to overwhelm the New York City office tasked with processing these families’ withdrawal and homeschooling notices. These delays have led to officials investigating these law-abiding parents.

“My Child Is Not a Calendar!” French Homeschoolers Resist New Rules in Hearing

Three national organizations represented by six attorneys argued in favor of homeschool freedom. The national Ministry of Education’s attorney defended France’s new restrictions.

New DMV Feature Puts Homeschoolers in Driver’s Seat

A homeschool mom helping her son apply for a driver’s permit was told her paperwork was no good. A top DMV official later confirmed that this was a mistake, and revealed a good piece of news that parents will find helpful.

Public School Spins Part-Time Academy as “Homeschool Away From Home”

A public school district has created a new campus with full-time teachers and a principal in order to teach homeschoolers part-time. But homeschoolers should know they’ll give up freedoms when they enroll.