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Living and Learning in Peru

What’s it like moving to a foreign country and homeschooling? Just ask this family!

The 11 Stages of Sanity: Moving While Homeschooling

Yes, it’s as chaotic as it sounds! 

Ohio Moving Notice Sample Letter

When moving Ohio school districts during the school year, you can request your excuse letter be transferred to your new district of residence using this sample letter.

A Simple Christmas

Celebrating the holidays while in the process of a move can be tricky.

Learning Without School Books in Peru

They say homeschooling is an adventure. And then there’s homeschooling in Peru with very few books! 

West Virginia Notice of Intent

West Virginia residents may fill out this report and mail it to the superintendent of your school district on or before the date you begin home instruction or when moving to a new county.

Homeschooling in China: Through the Eyes of a Guinea Pig

My mom didn’t know a lot about the blip on the radar called “homeschooling” when she embarked on the endeavor. With the amount of moving we did, it just made sense to try it.

Ohio Homeschool Laws