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We don’t want financial restrictions to prevent you from receiving the benefits of HSLDA membership! If you cannot afford the $130 membership dues—even with a discount or payment plan option—please consider applying for financial aid. Email us at and we will send you a financial aid application.

Membership dues for a family for one year are $130. One membership covers your entire family: parents/guardians and all children of whom you are the parent or legal guardian. There are no additional charges when you consult with our attorneys or educational consultants—it’s all included in your $130 dues. For special discounts and payment options that could bring your cost down to as little as 30¢ a day, see What are my membership options?

Yes. All personal information is confidential—including whether or not you are a member, all contact and personal information, information about your family, and any information about legal services you have received.

HSLDA may send to you information on behalf of our partners, but we do not share your personal information with anyone.*

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Homeschooling in Michigan: a Memo

Parents in Michigan have three options to homeschool their children. Click here for a detailed summary of all three!

Resources in Spanish

Every family is beautiful and unique. Discover how homeschooling gives you the freedom to do what’s best for your child. 

Responding to an Official at Your Door (HSLDA Member Guidelines)

These guidelines help homeschool families be prepared if a CPS investigator, police officer, truant officer, or other official contacts them to investigate allegations of child abuse or neglect.


Wondering how you can know for sure that your child is learning? What tools are available to make it easier? And which tools are right for your situation?

Explore HSLDA Membership

Be confident in your ability to homeschool well. Spend less time searching for answers and enjoy more time with your kids. Learn more about HSLDA membership here.

Public School Access for Homeschoolers in Wyoming

Here’s what Wyoming law says about homeschool students’ access to public school classes or services.


Wherever you find yourself on the organizational spectrum in this season of life, you’ll find a variety of recordkeeping options here!

High School & Beyond

Whether you choose to homeschool your teen for a year or two—or all the way through—it’s a big, yet often rewarding undertaking.