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Unannounced Home Visits for Homeschoolers? CATO Clarifies.

After a recent panel discussion on homeschooling, our good friend at the Cato Institute reaffirmed their goal of promoting individual liberty and limited government.

Bartholet: A Change of Heart?

Professor Bartholet recently clarified that she does not want to see homeschooling “all but banned”. Then she pointed to her recent law review article as the best explanation of her position ... where the “presumptive ban” language comes from.

Will Executive Order for Kansas Private Schools Affect Your Homeschool?

Our reading of the governor’s latest order mandating health precautions in private schools is that it shouldn’t affect “typical” homeschools. If yours isn’t typical, you may need to seek advice.

Here’s Why Good People Oppose "Reasonable" Homeschool Regulation

Harvard Professor Elizabeth Bartholet laments the fact that vigilant parents have historically resisted attempts to impose more regulations on homeschooling. Here are eight reasons why even well-meaning regulations can do more harm than good.

West Virginia: Wild and Wonderful, Unless You’re Homeschooling

With polls indicating the COVID-19 pandemic may prompt millions of new families to homeschool this fall, public schools are taking steps to secure their funding streams—which is tied directly to enrollment.

COVID-19 Relief Act: What’s In It For Homeschoolers?

As part of a massive relief bill passed in March, Congress appropriated billions of dollars to help with education. Homeschoolers qualify for some of this aid, but there may be strings attached.

Harvard Professor: Committed to Civics and Diversity?

A nation that allows caring parents the liberty to raise and help their children flourish follows universal human rights standards.

Escape Charter School Bottleneck—Homeschooling Has No Waiting List!

Thanks to a limited state budget, California families hoping to enroll in at-home charter school programs are now on waiting lists. Many are turning to HSLDA for help transitioning to homeschooling.

Maine Department of Education Waives State Filing for Homeschoolers

The Maine Department of Education has waived the requirement that families file their homeschool paperwork with the state. But an explanation of the decision and how it affects families is warranted.

Tutors? Co-ops? Private Schools? Better Check Your State Laws.

It's best to research before outsourcing your homeschooling.

HSLDA's National Leaders Conference