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Home-Based Education in an Alabama Private School

Understand exactly which legal requirements apply to home-based private schools.

Child Labor and Work Permit Laws in California

Here’s what you should know about California’s child labor laws and work permit requirements.

Summary of Colorado Independent School Law

As an alternative to the homeschool statute, many Colorado families have enrolled their children in an independent or satellite school while teaching them at home. This article offers a detailed explanation of the independent school laws that apply.

Homeschooling in Maryland under a “Church Umbrella”

Interested in homeschooling in Maryland? Click here to learn about one of your options, the “church umbrella” method!

COVID-19: Has Annual Testing for Homeschoolers Changed?

Continue to comply with the legal requirements set by state law for assessments, but use the flexibility the law allows.

California Immunization Laws, Record Keeping, and Reporting Requirements

In 2016, Senate Bill 277 changed California laws and regulations dealing with immunizations. This is a summary of the current immunization laws that impact the record keeping and reporting requirements for home-based private schools.

Jamaica Addresses Homeschooling During COVID-19

Recognizing the rising interest in home education, Jamaica’s Ministry of Education, Youth & Information reminded families of the strict regulations governing homeschooling.

Baltimore: “Homeschooling Starts in Public School.” ?!?

A family newly arrived in Maryland notified their school district that they were homeschooling. They were flummoxed by the district’s response.

El Salvador

Legal status and resources on homeschooling in El Salvador

Ohio 08 School Forms

If you choose to homeschool as a non-chartered, non-tax supported ("08") school in Ohio, you can use the forms below to keep and report the required records.

Virginia Religious Exemption Memo

HSLDA members who would like to learn more about the religious exemption legislation in Virginia may read this memo from our attorneys.

Virginia Certified Tutor Letter

Virginia residents may fill out this letter and mail it "CERTIFIED MAIL/RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED" to the superintendent of your school district.

Homeschool Laws By State


Iowa PSEO Form

If you would like to enroll your student in a Post-Secondary Enrollment Option class in the state of Iowa, you may use the template below.

College Degree and Home Visits in Order to Homeschool?

The Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture is saying that parents must submit a series of application forms in order to homeschool. In addition, homeschool students face a battery of assessments.

Maine Department of Education Waives State Filing for Homeschoolers

The Maine Department of Education has waived the requirement that families file their homeschool paperwork with the state. But an explanation of the decision and how it affects families is warranted.

Will Executive Order for Kansas Private Schools Affect Your Homeschool?

Our reading of the governor’s latest order mandating health precautions in private schools is that it shouldn’t affect “typical” homeschools. If yours isn’t typical, you may need to seek advice.

West Virginia: Wild and Wonderful, Unless You’re Homeschooling

With polls indicating the COVID-19 pandemic may prompt millions of new families to homeschool this fall, public schools are taking steps to secure their funding streams—which is tied directly to enrollment.

Here’s Why Good People Oppose "Reasonable" Homeschool Regulation

Harvard Professor Elizabeth Bartholet laments the fact that vigilant parents have historically resisted attempts to impose more regulations on homeschooling. Here are eight reasons why even well-meaning regulations can do more harm than good.

COVID-19 Relief Act: What’s In It For Homeschoolers?

As part of a massive relief bill passed in March, Congress appropriated billions of dollars to help with education. Homeschoolers qualify for some of this aid, but there may be strings attached.
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