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Barrier To Law Enforcement Job Removed

A homeschool graduate seeking a law enforcement job in southern Maryland hit a roadblock. We helped clear the path.

The School Rejected My Notice: What Now?

In Maine there is no such thing as a homeschool "application," which is what we told this Sumner area official.

Oh Buoy: Brothers Score Swim Team Victory

A pair of homeschool athletes had their legal rights upheld when a high school sports appeal board ruled in their favor.

Education Officials Listen, Make Online Form Safer

Working closely with homeschool advocates, state education officials fixed their online form and reinstated a paper filing option in time for the August deadline.

Homeschool Graduate Told His Diploma Isn’t Good Enough

When this graduate moved to Texas and applied for a job, he was told his homeschool diploma was “invalid.” Fortunately, he knew who to call.

No Booklist? We’re Throwing the Book at You!

A state official mistakenly asked for extra documents from this homeschool family, then said they might face truancy charges if they didn’t turn it in.

“Educators for Maine” Now Available to Homeschool Graduates

Home instruction graduates are now entitled participate in the “Educators for Maine” program.

Uproara, Colorado

A school district in Colorado has set up a web form to make paperwork easier for homeschool families. It also demands information not required by law.

Fighting For a Homeschooled EMT’s Job Application

This young woman earned certificates in firefighting and emergency medical work. But a fire department said they couldn’t hire her because she was a homeschool graduate.

Homeschool Moves Ahead After Family Trauma

After her husband died, this widow started homeschooling to help her sons cope with their loss. Then she found help through some unexpected circumstances.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

“When CPS showed up at the door … we knew right away to call HSLDA.”