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Anyone who wants to help make homeschooling possible is invited to join or donate! While most of our members are currently homeschooling or intend to homeschool at least one child, we also welcome you as a member if:

  • All your children have graduated.
  • Your children are too young for a formal program of education.
  • Your children are enrolled in a private school but you want to support homeschooling.
  • You have no children.
  • You are a citizen of—or live in—another country.

If all of your school-age children are enrolled full-time in a public education program, your family is not eligible for membership. But you can make homeschooling possible and protect all families’ right to choose homeschooling through a donation here!

Yes, you are welcome to join. Our global outreach team will do its best to assist you in resolving any questions or issues you face related to homeschooling in your country. This may include corresponding with officials on your behalf or providing other assistance, depending on the laws there.

HSLDA is working hard to make homeschooling possible everywhere. Your membership support allows us not only to assist you, but also to help, advise, and support fledgling movements across the globe.

Choosing to serve in the military is a big decision, and you want to set your teen up for success! But the exact hows and whens depend on a few factors: Which branch? Does your student want to join as an enlisted soldier or sailor, or as an officer? What about college?

Check out our post on preparing to enter the military to learn how to identify the best stepping stones for your teen to reach their goals.

The membership application is necessary to establish HSLDA’s attorney-client relationship with you. It also gathers a minimal amount of information to ensure that we can provide you with the best representation possible in the event that you need our legal services. View our printable membership application here or start our easy online application here.

* In the rare event that HSLDA is unable to approve your application, we will promptly notify you and will refund your membership dues (minus the rush fee, if applicable). Nonacceptance in no way diminishes your right to homeschool and does not prevent you from reapplying in the future.

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YOU can be the answer for single moms, widows, and other in-crisis families when they need it most—when homeschooling is not possible without financial help.

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