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Pandemic Vignettes

Some humorous snapshots into the life of the homeschooling Jones family during the pandemic.

“It’s Like Google on Paper” I Suppose It Is.

What it’s like introducing 21st-century kids to a good ole’ encyclopedia. . . 

Dear Homeschooling – Sincerely, Sara

Imagine if you got a note from the Royal Monarch Assassination board!

The 11 Stages of Sanity: Moving While Homeschooling

Yes, it’s as chaotic as it sounds! 

Small Space Homeschooling 4: Science Mishaps Edition

Science experiments in small apartments can be an adventure/ At least sulfuric acid wasn’t involved.

Caught in the Act: Awkward Morning Visits and Priorities

When you open the door to find a federal agent . . . 

Shopping at the Homeschool Emporium (A Brief Fantasy)

What if there was a homeschool story with everything you could want from a Patience tonic to a box of Free Time!

My Coffee Date with Me

When past, present, and future selves get together for a chat. . . 

5 (Kind of) Shocking Truths About Homeschooling

(And the secret to mastering homeschooling in 10 days.)

The Private Diary of the Perfect Homeschool Mom

Homeschooling, Day 1 . . . 

Homeschooling in China: Through the Eyes of a Guinea Pig

My mom didn’t know a lot about the blip on the radar called “homeschooling” when she embarked on the endeavor. With the amount of moving we did, it just made sense to try it.

Summer Is Coming: An Imaginary Correspondence

You won’t believe how busy I’ve been, getting ready for you. It turns out that of my three other correspondents—Schedule, Creativity, and even Wasting Time—we need all of them to get the most out of your visit.

The School Scramble

It’s a video game idea for homeschooling parents!

Skeletons, Skipping, and Sofas: Lesser-Known Perks of Homeschooling

It’s a perk of homeschooling that you can stop to look at skeletons on the side of the road.

Comparison Shopping: A Homeschool Emporium Story

PSA to homeschool parents: Avoid comparison shopping—It's a trap!

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