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Trials and Tribulations in Paragraph Form

Some days it's a joy to teach writing, and other days, not so much. Still, Sara Jones finds the humor.

Heather Frommack

Heather is the program manager for HSLDA’s educational consultants. She is a speaker, teacher, writer, and an 18-year veteran homeschooling momma, having graduated three of her five children on to college and beyond.

Shopping at the Homeschool Emporium (A Brief Fantasy)

What if there was a homeschool story with everything you could want from a Patience tonic to a box of Free Time!

7 Ways to Find Socialization for My Kids Q&A

Where do homeschool kids make friends and get the social skills they need for adult life – from cues to queues to resolving conflict? Watch this free webinar!

Leap Yeah!

Here are some ideas for celebrating Leap Year! 

1.5 Billion Children, 190 Countries—All Learning at Home

With 90 percent of the world’s schoolchildren now learning at home, education leaders want their parents to know that homeschooling works.

It Won’t Kill You to Do More

We all approach homeschooling—and life—differently. If you’re like me, you know your own limits. We’re not going to overdo ourselves. Our focus, instead, is on how to live full and happy lives within those limits.

It’s All (Phonics) Fun and (Grammar) Games

Here are some fun ways to sneak extra lessons in! 

Read-Alouds Are for Big Kids Too

Reading aloud has so many benefits, as this homeschooling mom shares! Here's how she fits reading time into their homeschool day.

Generational wins for homeschooling

Two homeschooled kids meet, go on to law school, become lawyers, become homeschool dads . . . and then stand up for homeschool freedom.