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Why the Virginia Supreme Court Needs to Protect Homeschoolers

What happens when local officials decide not to follow the law—or decide to make their own? The Sosebee family in Franklin County, Virginia, is finding out firsthand.

A Look back at the Great California Homeschool Case of 2008

Professor Bartholet seems to feel that our effective advocacy has been underhanded in some way. Referring to the Great California Homeschooling Case of 2008, she says, “One example is the notorious Jonathan L. case in California.”

HSLDA to Sixth Circuit: Reject Harvard Professor’s Legal Project


Sixth-Circuit Case: Flag on the Play—Instant Replay

In April 2020, a three-judge panel ruled that students in Detroit had a federal constitutional right to a basic minimum public education. Now, the full court is rehearing the case from scratch. 

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