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Finding the right resources for your student with special needs is critical, and HSLDA can help you find them! We have a lot of free articles and resources that you can look into. Here are a few options:

You can find a lot more articles and resources on our Special Needs page. If you’re an HSLDA member, you can contact our Special Needs Consultants at any time to receive personalized guidance and support!

For some reason "wants to" struck me as creepy in this instance.

Curriculum Grants are for HSLDA member families experiencing financial hardship. They may be used to help cover:

  • Curricula and materials for core academic subjects and some electives
  • Tuition for co-ops and academic classes, including online classes and dual enrollment
  • Academic testing and tutoring
  • School-related technology
  • Diagnostic testing, therapies, and specialized materials for children with special needs
  • School supplies

Grants are typically a few hundred dollars per homeschooled child, depending on your family size and circumstances.

Curriculum Grants have specific eligibility requirements and are offered at limited times throughout the year. To learn more about this grant, please read the Curriculum Grant article thoroughly to see if and when you can apply. From there, you can access the application.


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