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Meg Directs a Siege

Who said learning Roman history had to be boring? 

Vikings, History, and Homeschooling | Ep. 27

17-year-old homeschool student Noah Tetzner has pursued his passion for history by launching his own podcast.

Making History Come Alive for Your Kids | Ep. 5

Dr. Doug Favelo is a history professor and homeschooling dad with a passion—teaching history in a way that students not only understand, but enjoy.

US History Curriculum that Inspires, Part 1 | Ep. 58

Today on Homeschool Talks, HSLDA Vice President Jim Mason talks with Dr. Wilfred McClay, a history professor at Hillsdale College and author of Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story.

History of HSLDA

In the early 1980s, when Mike Farris—an attorney and homeschooling dad—started getting calls from other homeschooling families looking for legal representation, he quickly realized that this was bigger problem than he could solve on his own.

Homeschooling in Malaysia: A Vibrant Explosion

Representatives from a Malaysian homeschool organization chronicle the history of the movement and highlight current activities and growth

Homeschooling in Portugal, a 72-year History of Freedom!

A national advocacy group is working to restore freedom to Portugal’s homeschool laws—and promote innovative educational options.

Celebrating Black History Month | Ep. 25

Join homeschool mom and NBHE Founder Joyce Burges as she shares how to incorporate your family’s cultural heritage into your curriculum.

Texas Homeschooling Memo

This is a brief memo describing the legal history of homeschooling in Texas.

US History Curriculum that Inspires, Part 2 | Ep. 59

In this episode of Homeschool Talks, HSLDA Vice President Jim Mason talks with Robert Woodson, founder of the 1776 Unites curriculum.