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Vikings, History, and Homeschooling

17-year-old homeschool student Noah Tetzner has pursued his passion for history by launching his own podcast.

Homeschooling in Portugal, a 72-year History of Freedom!

A national advocacy group is working to restore freedom to Portugal’s homeschool laws—and promote innovative educational options.

Texas Homeschooling Memo

This is a brief memo describing the legal history of homeschooling in Texas.

Making History Come Alive for Your Kids

Dr. Doug Favelo is a history professor and homeschooling dad with a passion—teaching history in a way that students not only understand, but enjoy.

Could COVID-19 Get Us Back to Where We Truly Belong?

With the global pandemic closing schools and businesses, this Ugandan homeschool dad sees more families looking to the home as a place of education and commerce.

The Last Word

Our series responding to Professor Elizabeth Bartholet’s call for a presumptive ban on homeschooling by attorneys and education scholars was intended to show the immeasurable benefits of this amazing option to children, families, and our nation.

Primary Reason Behind Homeschooling is Lack of Safety in the Public Schools

Professor Elizabeth Bartholet claims homeschooling should be restricted because students are safer in public school. But parents say safety concerns in public schools are precisely why they choose homeschooling.

Bartholet: A Change of Heart?

Professor Bartholet recently clarified that she does not want to see homeschooling “all but banned”. Then she pointed to her recent law review article as the best explanation of her position ... where the “presumptive ban” language comes from.

Professor Bartholet Wrong on International Law

At a time when over a billion children in 190 countries are suddenly schooling at home as the result of a pandemic, Professor Elizabeth Bartholet has been publicly advocating that most parents should not be allowed to homeschool.

A Homeschool Researcher Responds to Harvard Professor’s Criticism

The purpose of this paper is to place in context and evaluate the efforts of many of those who negatively criticize homeschooling, homeschool researchers, or particular research studies on parent-led home-based education.

Attorney General Agrees with HSLDA On Right to Take Public School Classes

Unlike many other states, South Dakota permits homeschool students to enroll part-time in public school classes.

“The State Requires Your Special Needs Child to be Tested”

If you’re the parent of a child with special needs who switches to homeschooling, one thing to remember is that officials can’t force you to keep getting services through the public schools.

HSLDA to Harvard Prof: Homeschooling is a Fundamental Right

HSLDA has never said that parents have an absolute right to control children. We believe children are a gift from God to parents, and parents are entrusted with the duty to love, protect, nurture, direct, provide for, and educate their children.

Timing is Everything

With public schools in disarray due to COVID-19, homeschooling provides millions of families with real choices to address the education of their children. Which makes professor Elizabeth Bartholet’s call for banning homeschooling terribly ill-timed.

Harvard Professor: Committed to Civics and Diversity?

A nation that allows caring parents the liberty to raise and help their children flourish follows universal human rights standards.

Is Fourth Amendment Protection a New Concept?

Harvard law professor Elizabeth Bartholet wonders why HSLDA cares so much about protecting homeschoolers' privacy rights. But given the history of the Fourth Amendment, we wonder why that's even a question.

Don’t Ban Homeschooling Based on Stereotypes

Homeschooling is one of the best things that has happened to me, in part because it allowed my parents to teach moral and religious values right along with academic and hands-on instruction.

HSLDA, ACLU Team Up to Protect Fourth Amendment Rights

With the support of our members, donors, allies, friends—and sometimes the ACLU—HSLDA tends the garden of freedom.

In Defense of Homeschooling: Writers Respond to Harvard Prof's Call for a Ban

Harvard graduates, journalists, researchers, advocates, and other friends of homeschooling pointed out how Bartholet’s views mischaracterize the movement and threaten freedom.

Say No to Harvard—Keep Homeschool Freedom for Kids

A Harvard professor’s call for banning homeschooling has resurrected old criticisms. Here’s how we’re responding and what you can do, too.
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