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What about Socialization?

The better question is, “What about healthy socialization?” Homeschooling may be the answer.

Poland Demands Psych Evaluations for Homeschoolers

Mental health exams for homeschooled students and requiring parents to obtain permission to teach at home are in a proposed education law before the Polish parliament

Homeschool Moves Ahead After Family Trauma

After her husband died, this widow started homeschooling to help her sons cope with their loss. Then she found help through some unexpected circumstances.

Raising Mentally Strong Kids: 13 Things Parents Should Consider

This book shares 13 highlights for parents to keep in mind . . . 

The Benefits of Outdoor Play Time

Long periods of self-directed play have a significant psychological and cognitive impact on children.  

How CPS Investigations Affect Children and Families

What effects can an invasive home investigation have on a child’s psychological and emotional health? Hear from family psychologist John Rosemond.

A Double Date

Their health book didn’t specifically say, “Go out to a favorite Mexican restaurant and talk this over with your parents,” but that’s what we did anyway.

Introducing new series: HSLDA’s Response to Harvard Professor Bartholet

Bartholet's Harvard Magazine article recites the opinion that homeschooling is not only a health and safety risk for children but also a threat to society—and that homeschooled kids could become enemies of the state. HSLDA responds.

Will Executive Order for Kansas Private Schools Affect Your Homeschool?

Our reading of the governor’s latest order mandating health precautions in private schools is that it shouldn’t affect “typical” homeschools. If yours isn’t typical, you may need to seek advice.

HSLDA Releases 'Quick Start' Guide to Homeschool in Light of COVID-19

As school officials and parents look for the best way to protect children’s health, many learning options are readily available. Education is not necessarily limited to traditional classrooms—and homeschooling can be a great alternative.

Grandma: HSLDA Helped Get My Case Dismissed

When my granddaughter’s serious health issues interrupted her education, I decided to homeschool her. However, paperwork misunderstandings led to a visit from child protective services and a truancy charge. That’s when I called HSLDA . . .

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