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Finding Community as a Military Homeschool Family | Ep. 83

In this episode, Natalie Mack (HSLDA Military Outreach Coordinator) and Darren Jones (HSLDA Group Services Director) discuss the importance of joining a support group as a military homeschool family, as well as how HSLDA can help you get connected!

Homeschool Groups: Supporting Families with Special Needs | Ep. 81

Join Darren Jones (HSLDA Director of Group Services), Faith Berens (HSLDA Special Needs Consultant), and Peggy Ployhar from SPED Homeschool as they talk about creating a welcoming and supportive environment for families with special needs.

You Can Homeschool Through High School!

Learn about homeschooling through high school, transcripts, dual-enrollment, accreditation, creating a 4-year plan, and more from HSLDA Senior Counsel Mike Donnelly, HSLDA Director of Group Services Darren Jones, and an HSLDA High School Consultant.

Homeschooling Now? What Are Pods and Co-ops? Q&A

Starting your own homeschool adventure? Learn all about homeschool pods and co-ops in this free webinar: the differences, subjects and skills, ages, when and where to meet, pods for full-time working parents, and more!

HSLDA Annual Group Grants

Each summer, HSLDA gives out grants to our Discount Groups to help with various projects—from creating lending libraries to hosting or attending conferences.

HSLDA Group Connections

We've felt the positive impact of state and local homeschool groups first-hand—and we want to give back! Learn about the HSLDA Group Connections program and earn bonus cash for your group.

Six Ways Your Group Can Make and Save Money with HSLDA

If your homeschool group is like most, it runs on a tight budget. Stretch your resources further with these HSLDA money-saving opportunities!

Co-op or Daycare? How to Make Sure Your Group is Legally Homeschooling.

The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired the growth of co-ops, pods, and other small groups aimed at providing innovative education alternatives. Problem is, some of them are running into legal problems.

Protecting Children with a Background Check Policy

Background checks are a key component of child protection policies. But how extensive should you require them to be, and what are your options? HSLDA attorney Darren Jones weighs in . . .

How to Start Homeschooling Midyear with Special Needs! Q&A

Looking to help your child who learns differently experience more success? Homeschooling offers freedom, flexibility, self-pacing, discovery, and personal mastery. You can start homeschooling midyear, right now—with special needs! Watch this webinar.