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Responding to an Official at Your Door (HSLDA Member Guidelines)

These guidelines help homeschool families be prepared if a CPS investigator, police officer, truant officer, or other official contacts them to investigate allegations of child abuse or neglect.

No More Blue Notes for Panama Homeschoolers

Panama’s national legislature has officially recognized the value of home education, thanks in part to a Grammy-winning musician who homeschools.

We’re Here to Help When Groups Face Excessive Regulation

If you hear about a homeschool group or a church host that’s facing government investigation, please let us know as soon as you can, so that HSLDA can assist them.

Using Checklists to Assess My Child

Introducing 3 Kinds of Checklists You Might Like

Private Education Under Ohio Administrative Code 3301-35-08

What exactly are "-08 schools", and how do they affect your homeschool?

Invite Thomas J. (Tj) Schmidt to Speak at Your Event!

Tj is an attorney and homeschooling dad dedicated to defending the rights of homeschooling families across the country.

Has Homeschooling Doubled? Harvard Panel Debates Growth

Last week’s Harvard Summit raised questions about the way researchers measured homeschooling growth during COVID-19. These stats are important—and for more reasons than one.

The Inside Scoop on IDEA’s Child Find and Homeschoolers

Every year, homeschooling parents in various states are contacted by public school officials trying to find students who could benefit from special needs services. It’s part of a federal mandate for schools, but do you have to participate?

As Pandemic Wanes, Districts in Hot Pursuit of Students

Public school officials are becoming more aggressive in their search for students as they try to restore enrollment to pre-pandemic levels. But it’s not always clear if their demands are legally required or optional.

Ending Child Abuse: Are Homeschool Regulations the Answer?