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Legal status and resources on homeschooling in France

Homeschooling Under Attack in France

New restrictions backed by threats of coercion have alarmed families in a nation with one of the largest homeschooling populations in Europe

Will France Ban Homeschooling? Not If We Can Help It!

In the name of protecting French national values, President Emmanuel Macron has called for homeschooling to be all but banned. Freedom-loving families have vowed to resist.

Homeschooling Attacked in New French Law Known as “L’École de la Confiance ”

Families who wish to educate their own children are being targeted once again in a new proposed law known as L’École de la Confiance (the school of trust)

French Conseil d'État and HSLDA Oppose Macron’s Homeschool Ban

Hundreds of international and US homeschool groups joined in the call for Macron to retract his unconstitutional proposal.

Macron: Don’t Agree with Me? No Homeschool for You!

President Macron officially presented national legislation to require homeschool parents to sign a statement. It would also implement a new approval process empowering local officials to deny the right to homeschool.