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Legal status and resources on homeschooling in France

One Small Win in France: Judge Orders Officials to Authorize Family’s Homeschool

A judge has ordered that a French family must be allowed to homeschool following a denial of permission in Toulouse, reports Liberté éducation, a homeschooling organization representing scores of families in France.

Homeschooling Under Attack in France

New restrictions backed by threats of coercion have alarmed families in a nation with one of the largest homeschooling populations in Europe

Jean-Baptiste Maillard


Will France Ban Homeschooling? Not If We Can Help It!

In the name of protecting French national values, President Emmanuel Macron has called for homeschooling to be all but banned. Freedom-loving families have vowed to resist.

France and UK Spotlight Struggle for Homeschool Freedom

As more families switch to homeschooling in the wake of COVID-19, more countries are looking at ways to regulate the educational option.

Panama and Brazil Talk Homeschool Freedom as France Battles Restrictions

Debates in national legislatures from South America to Europe show how homeschooling has become an important issue, opening up new educational opportunities for thousands of children.

French High Court Denies Homeschool Law Appeal

The final approval of new homeschool restrictions in France reflects a growing trend in Western Europe for more state control over education.

French Homeschoolers Fight Unreasonable New Restrictions

Homeschool advocates in France are preparing to challenge new regulations that are more restrictive than the law permits.

“My Child Is Not a Calendar!” French Homeschoolers Resist New Rules in Hearing

Three national organizations represented by six attorneys argued in favor of homeschool freedom. The national Ministry of Education’s attorney defended France’s new restrictions.