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As a parent considering homeschooling your child who has special needs, does your decision hinge on the accessibility of services like occupational, speech, or other therapy or evaluations? We get that—so here’s a quick summary of the options available to you and your child.

Although HSLDA doesn’t generally recommend it, you can often get special education assistance through public school programs. These programs include any services funded by state or federal dollars though your local school district, whether the services are provided in your own home or at the school.

While you can obtain an evaluation for special education needs in every state, only about half of the states require services to be provided to homeschool students. See your state’s special needs provision here.

Parents who choose to homeschool already have a lot on their plates, and, in HSLDA’s experience, many families have found that public school services come with strings (and potential legal difficulties) attached. So it is best to choose a private service provider whenever possible.

If your child is currently receiving public special education services, you may wish to begin transitioning to private sources for your child’s special education needs. There are many different paths available to obtain a private service provider. You can learn more about locating one here.

HSLDA members can reach out to our Special Needs Consultants to get in touch with a local special education professional.

Concerned about being able to afford services? You might be interested in applying for one of HSLDA’s Compassion Curriculum Grants.

If you would like to learn more about homeschooling a child with special needs, we invite you to check out our Special Needs page. We’ve got lots of resources and support for your homeschooling journey, from start to finish!


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