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“Unaccredited” Graduate Can Still Be a Credit to Her Country

With a little assistance from a friend at the Pentagon, we helped a homeschool graduate overcome discrimination and enlist in the United States Air Force.

Derailed College Transfer Now Back on Track


Romeike vs. Germany

After fleeing Germany to the United States, the Romeike's now face the uncertain future as they may be subject to deportation in the next 12 months.

HSLDA Promotes Freedom During Ministerial Week

We participated in U.S. State Department events promoting religious freedom and rallied outside the Cuban embassy to call for the release of jailed homeschool parents

Texas District Fences Off PSAT from Homeschool Teen


Harvard Summit to Discuss Regulating Homeschooling

HSLDA is on the agenda, but we’re not invited. One of the organizers, Professor Elizabeth Bartholet, recently recommended “a presumptive ban on homeschooling.”

Update: Kenya Court Grants Dad a Chance to Change Law


“They had to make us suffer for our beliefs.”

Letter From A Guantanamo Jail

Mom Set Free, Homeschool Dad Still Demands Justice from Behind Bars


District: Actually, We Don’t Need Photos of Your Records!

Several families contacted HSLDA after a public school social worker dropped by for no specific reason and asked to photograph homeschool records with his phone.

In Defense of Homeschooling: Writers Respond to Harvard Prof's Call for a Ban

Harvard graduates, journalists, researchers, advocates, and other friends of homeschooling pointed out how Bartholet’s views mischaracterize the movement and threaten freedom.

CalWORKS Does Work for Homeschooling Families

What’s a family to do when the county tells them their 18-year-old high school student no longer qualifies for benefits? Call HSLDA to sort it out!

Homeschool Freedom Doesn’t Harm Children

Blaming homeschool regulations for the deaths of children is not only irresponsible—it's dangerous.

Engineering & African Drumming Inspire Homeschool Graduate

Zion Utsey overcame adversity to compile some impressive credentials as a homeschool graduate. He’s an athlete and a musician, and he’s traveled to Africa to explore his heritage—but a local university still wants him to take the GED.

Merry Christmas: Homeschoolers Welcomed into JROTC

A bipartisan effort in Congress ensures that JROTC high school programs will not turn away any homeschool students.

Say No to Harvard—Keep Homeschool Freedom for Kids

A Harvard professor’s call for banning homeschooling has resurrected old criticisms. Here’s how we’re responding and what you can do, too.

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