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HSLDA understands that private therapeutic services can often add up quickly. And we know that you are committed to providing the best education possible for your child no matter the cost.

That’s why HSLDA offers Compassion Grants to homeschooling families in need of private services. You can learn more and apply for a grant here.

Other local, state, and national organizations also offer assistance to families needing help with private services for their children. If you’re an HSLDA member, feel free to reach out to our Special Needs Consultants for more information.


Diamonds in the rough

Homeschooling families flourish when they have the right materials. Learn how Compassion grant recipient Darcel and her children have benefited from their homeschool experience!

Grant Helps Missionary Family Keep Homeschooling in South Sudan

This missionary family homeschools in South Sudan, where modern amenities are scarce and they must carry in everything they need. An HSLDA Compassion Grant helped them swap schoolbooks for digital materials so they can travel with a lighter load.

How to Apply for a Curriculum Grant

Find out if you qualify to apply for an HSLDA Compassion Curriculum Grant

Grant highlights - Reviving hopes and dreams

Here's a page from our yearbook of families who were served last year. Their thanks belong to you—the homeschool community—who helped renew their hope by your support of HSLDA.

Compassion grants go beyond curriculum


Help and healing after COVID-19 and wildfires

Because of donors who cared enough to give to the needs of those who are hurting, HSLDA was able to offer grants to Debi’s family.

In the midst of grief and loss, homeschooling brings peace

For Renee and Brian, the ability to continue homeschooling through hardship helped bring a little more peace to their home in the midst of personal tragedy.

Triumph amid loss: Cindy's story

Homeschooling families can flourish when they have the right materials. Learn about how Cindy's and her daughters were helped through their loss.

HSLDA Annual Group Grants

Each summer, HSLDA gives out grants to our Discount Groups to help with various projects—from creating lending libraries to hosting or attending conferences.

Grants for Homeschooling

HSLDA Compassion Grants help homeschool families continue homeschooling through difficult times. Since 1994, we have given over 15,000 grants to families facing natural disasters or struggling through financial hardships.