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Time to Study: College Board Offers New Test Day

On account of the COVID-19 pandemic, homeschoolers often got the short end of the testing stick. The College Board has introduced a significant change to help remedy the problem.

No SAT subject tests? What to do?

The College Board is doing away with SAT Subject Tests. What does that mean for homeschoolers?

Lifting anchor: Preparing students with disabilities to set sail for college

Most parents are familiar with the options for their child after high school. But what if your child has a disability? Learn how to help your child with special needs thrive in college!

Thinking about Homeschooling? Q&A

Wondering about homeschooling, is it right for you, the pros and cons, am I qualified to teach my kids, can I work full time while homeschooing? Join a homeschool expert and two HSLDA attorneys for answers!

Ready, Set, Go! Choosing Homeschool Curriculum (and More!)

Have questions about starting to homeschool, choosing curriculum, or motivating your kids? Curriculum expert Cathy Duffy and HSLDA Educational Consultants LaNissir James and Kristi Horner team up to help a new homeschool mom with answers and tools.

Trend: Public School Blocks Homeschoolers from Taking PSAT

Officials at the local high school told a teen that they were contractually obliged to prevent homeschoolers from taking the PSAT. Turns out they were wrong, and his situation is not unique.

Introduction to College Entrance Exams


Blocked from Taking PSAT, ACT, or AP? Proposed Bill Could Change That.

Every public school where Nicole Doyle tried to sign her son up to take the PSAT turned him away. Many homeschool families report similar discrimination. But we’re working to change that.

Preparing for College: A Bird's-Eye View

Questions about the college admissions process and how best to prepare your teen for the rigors of college academics? We have answers!

Testing & Evaluation

Looking to understand how much your child has learned since last year, what your child knows and can do right now, or what your child needs to learn next? You might be surprised to discover there are several different kinds of tools that can help you!