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If You Suspect Child Abuse

Here are some guidelines to help you evaluate your concerns about possible abuse and determine the best way to respond.

How Can I Help Prevent Child Abuse?

Being aware of and informed about child abuse is the first step toward keeping children safe. Here are specific steps you can take . . .

Sexual Abuse Prevention Resources

A compilation of additional articles, helplines, and materials to help you in identifying and preventing child sexual abuse.

Am I a Mandatory Reporter?

Every state has laws that require certain people to report all suspected child abuse and neglect to the proper authorities or be liable to prosecution. Find out if this applies to you.

Responding to an Official at Your Door (HSLDA Member Guidelines)

These guidelines help homeschool families be prepared if a CPS investigator, police officer, truant officer, or other official contacts them to investigate allegations of child abuse or neglect.

The Safety Principles: The Homeschool Parent's Guide

Licensed Professional Counselor Stephanie Adams shares practical steps and resources to help prevent or respond to sexual abuse situations.

Protecting Children with a Background Check Policy

Background checks are a key component of child protection policies. But how extensive should you require them to be, and what are your options? HSLDA attorney Darren Jones weighs in . . .

Developing a Child Protection Policy

A child protection policy is a vital part of any growing homeschool support group or co-op. HSLDA attorney Darren Jones explains how to create a policy to keep your children safe.

“What is a Girl Worth?”

Denhollander uses the strength of her gifts and the pain of her experience to fight for justice.

Homeschool Freedom Doesn’t Harm Children

Blaming homeschool regulations for the deaths of children is not only irresponsible—it's dangerous.

Protecting Children from Abuse


Why This Homeschool Mom’s Ordeal Can Help Everyone

A paperwork delay landed a mother on the child abuse registry. This injustice illustrates why the law needs to change.

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