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Reading Lists for Teens

Wondering what books to assign? Here are some ideas! 

Inspiring Your Reluctant Reader!

Want to raise confident readers? Kids who dig into books and can’t turn off the light? Homeschool moms, see webinar: simple, effective solutions, reading specialist!

Homeschooling through the Holidays? Q&A

How do parents juggle homeschooling and the holidays? Get tips and ideas for how to handle the busyness of the season, including transitioning in and out of holiday breaks, service opportunities, and more!

Four Ways to Help Kids Read 40 Books a Year

You may find that reading alongside your kids is both encouraging and the most re-charging part of your day!

Grade Levels & Homeschooling

What grade level is my child in? Can we skip or repeat a grade in homeschooling? Take different subjects at different levels? Discover the amazing flexibility of homeschooling with HSLDA Consultant Vicki Bentley and HSLDA Attorney Dan Beasley!

Rethinking School and the Evolution of Susan Wise Bauer

Susan Bauer’s latest book offers fresh (and relatable) insights as she reflects on her personal homeschooling journey.

Scope and Sequence

Getting started homeschooling or even just planning for the new school year can seem like an overwhelming task that leaves questions swirling in our heads. We have a great resource to help you answer them!

Teaching Multiple Levels

Teaching multiple grades at once can feel overwhelming! Here are some practical tips from a seasoned homeschool mom.

Rooting Your Household in God’s Love

If I have helped him learn to value waiting, if I have helped him feel loved and accepted in a loveless, competitive world, if I have helped him know he belongs to us and to God, I’ve done what I could.

Types of Homeschool Records

Which records are important? It’s more than books and grades . . . What about work samples, extracurricular activities, and days and hours of instruction?