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Judge Calls Homeschooling Harmful, Orders Child Back to School

A judge ordered a mother to send her child back to school, ruling that homeschooling fails to prepare students for adult life.

Concept to Concrete Plan: How to Structure a Co-op Class

 7 steps to getting your school year off to a great start! 

When Should You Start the School Year?

That answer can vary depending on each homeschooling family. 

A Bumpy Ride

As I think of everyone else homeschooling this year, I suspect that we’ve all had to weather some pretty rough weeks. Sometimes you just have to persevere through the adjustment until, finally, the routine settles in.

4 Lesson Plan Detours (and Why We Took Them)

One joy of homeschooling is that you aren’t locked into something that isn’t working!  

One Step, Two Step: School Planning as a Team

Breathe easy: Sharing the load means it’s not all on you!
Court Report

Why homeschoolers should embrace the "pandemic pods"

Homeschoolers, who have long pushed back against the education status quo, should be among the staunchest proponents for new models of learning that allow more families to opt out of conventional schooling.

A Procrastinator’s Approach to School Planning

Not a type A planner? No problem! From conferences to curriculum, here are some ideas for starting the school year.

Blessing the Beginning: A Start of Year Tradition

For this homeschooling family, a tradition helps put things in perspective.   

The Great Schoolbook Scavenger Hunt

Looking for ways to save on homeschool curriculum? Here are some places to look!

The Drawing Board: The Art of School Planning

Are you someone who needs a plan? You’ve come to the right place.

The Most Important Homeschooler in this Historic, Pandemic Moment Is—You!

My 2020 has not turned out as I had envisioned. Coronavirus, cancellations, and closures have been the bywords. As the pandemic’s effects continue, we cannot ignore that an historic moment for the homeschooling movement may be in the offing.

Four Habits from My Homeschooling

The schedule we keep and the habits we maintain dictate how we spend our lives.

When School Officials Overstep the Law | Ep. 32

School officials often overstep the law. Listen to HSLDA's Attorney Scott Woodruff talk about why this happens—and why is it important to push back.

Scheduling Your Homeschool Day: Rhythm and Routine

There are various ways to schedule your homeschool day. Here's what this mom has found works for her family: a blend of routine and flexibility.

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