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HSLDA Briefs Air Force with Insights on Homeschool Recruits

Air Force recruiters are looking to a demographic its leaders believe could provide more quality enlistees—homeschooled graduates.

From Harvard Classes to Air Force ROTC—Homeschool Grad Soars

Bea Holzbach’s personalized homeschool program did more than prepare her academically. She also developed leadership skills that resulted in the Air Force offering her a college scholarship.

Erin Eskew

Erin is a homeschool graduate, the daughter of an Air Force officer, the wife to an Army officer, and a homeschooling mom of four.

Never Give Up: How a Teen, His Mom, and HSLDA Cleared the Runway to JROTC

After four years in his local Civil Air Patrol, Ryan Carbonel applied to a federal military prep program, hoping to become a US Air Force Officer. But officials said, “Nope! Homeschoolers can’t participate.” That’s when Ryan’s family called HSLDA.

Finding Connection After Military Relocation| Ep. 52

Join Natalie Mack and Beverly Jacobson (retired Air Force wife, Trisomy Advocate, and mom to nine) for a conversation about finding connection even through the ups and downs of relocating as a military homeschool family.

Legislation Aims at Fair Treatment for Homeschoolers Considering Military Career

JROTC helped this teen earn a scholarship and win a recommendation to the Air Force Academy. New legislation aims at ensuring other homeschooled students don’t get unfairly blocked from similar programs.

Kevin Boden, Esq.

Kevin is a graduate of Wheaton College (IL) and received his J.D. from Seattle University. He and his wife, Wendi, became homeschooling parents in 2008, when their oldest child was in first grade, and have continued to educate all their children at home ever since.

SLOs Are Catching a Vision for Helping Homeschool Families

The civilian personnel who should be serving as a key support to homeschooling families in the military don’t always know how. That’s where HSLDA’s Natalie Mack comes in.

Congressional Action Program (CAP) Day: A Snapshot

Homeschool parents shared their passion for providing the best learning experience for their children.

Google Doodle Winner Goes on To Fly, Build, Learn

Health issues can’t stop Ethan Darby and his mom, who use homeschooling to overcome obstacles and thrive.