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Erin Eskew

Erin is a homeschool graduate, the daughter of an Air Force officer, the wife to an Army officer, and a homeschooling mom of four.

Finding Connection through Military Relocations as a Homeschool Family | Ep. 52

Join Natalie Mack and Beverly Jacobson (retired Air Force wife, Trisomy Advocate, and mom to nine) for a conversation about finding connection even through the ups and downs of relocating as a military homeschool family.

Scholarships and Other Resources for Military Families

Check out these scholarships and resources available to children of military service members.

US Military Base School Liaison Officers

Are you stationed at a US military base and needing to connect with your SLO? Browse our extensive list of contacts by location.

Generational wins for homeschooling

Two homeschooled kids meet, go on to law school, become lawyers, become homeschool dads . . . and then stand up for homeschool freedom.

Harvard Panel: Homeschool Parents Share Success Stories

After six weeks of reports from academics, a Harvard conference on home education gave homeschooling parents the last word.

British Homeschoolers Under Criminal Law Threat

Officials in the Isle of Man not only want to make it harder to homeschool, they are seeking to criminalize parents who resist sending their children to traditional school

Parents Stand up to School Board out of Conviction

This military family values the importance of following regulations. But when a homeschool learning mandate misconstrued the law, they pushed back.

Is Fourth Amendment Protection a New Concept?

Harvard law professor Elizabeth Bartholet wonders why HSLDA cares so much about protecting homeschoolers' privacy rights. But given the history of the Fourth Amendment, we wonder why that's even a question.

Why Is Homeschooling Growing in Australia?

Many reasons factor into the steady growth of homeschooling in Australia—from a better legal climate to more positive treatment in the media.