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Privacy Policy

At HSLDA we take your privacy seriously. What kinds of data do we gather, how do we protect it, and what do we do with it? You can find out, make choices about your data, and know that your information is secure.

Our Mission

For over 35 years, HSLDA has worked to make homeschooling possible for every family that wants to do it. And we’ll continue to make it possible for as long as we’re around.

Who We Are

HSLDA is a non-profit advocacy organization that makes homeschooling possible by protecting homeschooling families and equipping them to provide the best educational experience for their children.

History of HSLDA

In the early 1980s, when Mike Farris—an attorney and homeschooling dad—started getting calls from other homeschooling families looking for legal representation, he quickly realized that this was bigger problem than he could solve on his own.

What We Do

We do a lot of different things, but it’s all motivated by our desire to help children thrive and succeed through homeschooling. Here’s an overview of our main areas of work.

HSLDA Helps Homeschool Graduate Into Taiwanese University

A homeschool graduate from North Carolina was refused admission by a university in Taiwan because officials just didn’t know about homeschooling. After they asked HSLDA to explain, things changed for the better.

Our Related Organizations

As you get to know HSLDA, you may come across other organizations that seem to be related to us in some way. Here’s a guide to HSLDA’s relationship with these groups.

What Is Freedom For?

What does homeschooling look like? Every family is beautiful and unique—here’s a quick glimpse of how freedom enables every family to homeschool in the way that’s best for their children.

What Are My Membership Options?

Choose the HSLDA Membership Type that Works Best for You!

What happened to Julie: Worcester, MA

Julie has been homeschooling for seven years, but the Worcester school district made this the most stressful year yet.

Grandma: HSLDA Helped Get My Case Dismissed

When my granddaughter’s serious health issues interrupted her education, I decided to homeschool her. However, paperwork misunderstandings led to a visit from child protective services and a truancy charge. That’s when I called HSLDA . . .

How This Homeschool Grad Changed an Admission Director’s Mind

After several years in a Montessori school, Stori Peterson homeschooled through high school. However, her plans to study English came to an abrupt halt when a college admission official questioned the validity of her homeschool education.

Donating to HSLDA

Homeschool Legal Defense Association is a 501(c)(3) organization, contributions to which are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Handcuffed in her kitchen—Josilyn’s story: Worcester, MA

Although Josilyn had been legally homeschooling her son since January—and she had submitted all the right paperwork—the school district marked him as truant and turned Josilyn over to DCF. HSLDA has filed a lawsuit on her behalf. Watch her story.

Suddenly truant: the problem in Worcester, MA

When this school district changed its homeschooling requirements without telling anyone, CPS started showing up at homeschooling families’ doors. Here’s how it has affected the local homeschool community. Watch their story.

When a knock at the door becomes a nightmare: Holly Curry’s story

For most moms, a knock at the door while homeschooling is merely an annoyance—but for Holly Curry and family, that knock became a nightmare situation . . . Her six children may never feel truly safe in their home.

Homeschooling Helps 9-year-old with Special Needs Thrive

Unyielding school administrators wouldn’t accommodate the therapy schedule of this 9-year-old with special needs.

Steps to Submit a College Application

Applying to college as a homeschooled student can get easier each year. Understanding the college admissions process from the homeschool perspective prepares you to approach this season with confidence!

How to Develop a National or Regional Homeschool Organization

HSLDA and its partners offer helpful advice on how to develop a homeschool organization in your region.

Q&A: Homeschooling 6th through 8th Grade | Ep. 54

Got questions about homeschooling in middle school? Join Heather Frommack (HSLDA director of outreach and consulting services) and Natalie Mack (HSLDA high school consultant).
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