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How to Tell a Story

The opportunities and risks of the next 30 years will likely be different from those of the last 30 years—so we must adapt and be nimble. Telling our stories together, we will keep homeschooling free for future generations.

California Private School Affidavit Filing Instructions

For your convenience, HSLDA’s legal team has prepared these instructions to help guide you in filing the affidavit. If you are a member and still have a question after reviewing these instructions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why Will Parents Likely Continue to Homeschool During the 2021-22 School Year?

Research shows a growing number of parents are concerned about learning disruptions caused by the pandemic and controversial curriculum being promoted by some private and public schools.

Roadschooling: Exploring the Possibilities

Ever thought about taking your homeschool on the road? Take a look at these four families’ answers to common questions about roadschooling, and maybe get a few tips for your family!

One Small Win in France: Judge Orders Officials to Authorize Family’s Homeschool

A judge has ordered that a French family must be allowed to homeschool following a denial of permission in Toulouse, reports Liberté éducation, a homeschooling organization representing scores of families in France.

Study Shows That Homeschooling Produces Good Citizens

A long-term study looking at the health and social development of students shows homeschoolers fare just as well as their peers in many areas, and do better in others.