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Florida HB 1 Revises State Scholarships: What Does This Mean for Homeschoolers?


Reforman becas escolares en Florida: ¿qué implica para educadores en casa?


District to Surprised Mom: “Your Child is no Longer Homeschooled”

As permitted by state law, a homeschooled teen enrolled in two part-time classes at the local public high school. Officials registered her as a full-time student, but they didn’t tell her parents for months.

Homeschooled Teen Focuses on Helping Those without a Home

This Florida teen loves the beach, eating donuts, and helping the needy. A nonprofit she started along with her sisters and two friends has become a major force for good in their community.

Graduation Conundrum: Two Brothers, Four Diplomas, One Confused Official

These homeschooled brothers who enrolled in Florida’s dual-enrollment program were on track to earn college degrees at the same time they finished high school. Then an official told them they couldn’t.

Homeschool Archers Overcome Fire Ants and Stolen Gear to Claim State Title

How a homeschool co-op’s archery team won a Florida state championship—illustrating what privately funded, parent-organized groups can achieve.

Florida Educational Evaluation Form

There are several different options for the required yearly assessment. If you chose the educational evaluation by a Florida certified teacher, your certified teacher can use this form to attest to the student’s educational progress.

Florida Notices of Intent and Termination

In the state of Florida, you need to file a notice of intent when you begin your homeschool and a notice of termination when you stop. Use these forms as instructed below.

Florida Withdrawal Forms

You can use one of these forms to follow the withdrawal procedure of the school your child is currently attending, depending on which Florida homeschooling option you choose.

Public School Access for Homeschoolers in Florida

Here’s what Florida law says about homeschool students’ access to public school classes or services.