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Is My Child Struggling with a Mild Difficulty or a Learning Disability?

If you have a struggling learner, homeschooling gives you tremendous freedom to adjust their learning experience—but how do you determine their level of need? Read on . . .

Exploring Attention & Focus (Executive Function) Struggles: Checklist & Resource

If your child exhibits multiple symptoms in this checklist, your child may have an attention or focus struggle. Check out these resources that can make managing attention easier for your child while homeschooling!

Exploring Sensory Integration Struggles: Checklists and Resources

Does your child struggle unusually with textures, sounds, or other sensory experiences? View our checklist and collection of resources for creative ways to help your child succeed at (and enjoy) learning while homeschooling.

Practical Tips for Helping Your Child with Autism | Ep. 41

How do you deal with school closings when your child has autism and communication challenges?

Exploring Visual Processing Struggles: Checklist and Resources

If your child exhibits any of the visual processing symptoms in our checklist, check out these empowering educational resources.

Exploring Visual/Motor Processing (Writing) Struggles: Checklist and Resources

Is learning a struggle for your child? Do they have any of the symptoms in this free visual/motor processing (writing) checklist? If so, here are some resources to help you navigate this challenge while homeschooling . . .

Exploring Hearing and Auditory Processing Struggles: Checklist and Resources

Is learning a struggle? Does your child have any of the symptoms in this hearing / auditory processing checklist? Check out our collection of resources to help you equip your child to succeed at and enjoy learning while homeschooling.

3 Essential Steps to Protect Your Special Needs Homeschool

Here are the best practices HSLDA recommends to give your special needs homeschool a solid legal foundation.

Kristy Horner

Kristy Horner is a homeschooling mom with over 14 years of experience as a public school teacher working with developing students, struggling learners, and those with intellectual disabilities.

Kristy Horner, BS