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French Appeals Court Affirms Family’s Right to Homeschool

An appeals court’s decision encourages French homeschooling families facing hostility from local education officials all the way up to the country’s president.

Homeschooling Attacked in New French Law Known as “L’École de la Confiance ”

Families who wish to educate their own children are being targeted once again in a new proposed law known as L’École de la Confiance (the school of trust)

Paris Summit Encourages Hard-Pressed European Homeschoolers

Even as a number of European governments enact new restrictions on home education, advocates from 20 nations gathered in Paris to discuss ways to promote homeschooling and increase freedom.

French Conseil d'État and HSLDA Oppose Macron’s Homeschool Ban

Hundreds of international and US homeschool groups joined in the call for Macron to retract his unconstitutional proposal.

Homeschool Advocates Challenge New French Homeschool Restrictions

Three organizations have launched a legal challenge to severe homeschool restrictions introduced by a 2021 law

Homeschooling Under Attack in France

New restrictions backed by threats of coercion have alarmed families in a nation with one of the largest homeschooling populations in Europe

France and UK Spotlight Struggle for Homeschool Freedom

As more families switch to homeschooling in the wake of COVID-19, more countries are looking at ways to regulate the educational option.

As Homeschooling Grows Globally, New Challenges Arise

Western Europe is moving to restrict homeschooling, while Brazilian families are enjoying greater freedom to direct their children’s education.


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