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Rigal Fact Sheet

Find out more information about the Rigal case and why we are fighting for homeschool freedom in Cuba!

Rigal vs. Cuba

Ramon and Adya Rigal have been imprisoned and separated from their children all because of homeschooling

Lawyer Gets Hard Labor for Helping Jailed Homeschoolers

August 13, 2019: A Cuban attorney who tried to help the now-imprisoned Rigal family with their legal defense has now been sentenced himself.

An Interview with Jailed Pastor's Daughter

Ruth Rigal, whose father and mother have been arrested and sentenced to prison for homescholing in Cuba, spoke about her experience on a Spanish-language radio program for Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

HSLDA, Global Liberty Alliance file Human Rights Request

May 6, 2019: HSLDA and GLA formally request that the IACHR grants precautionary measure in favor of the Rigal family in Cuba

Arrested, Trapped—Police Crack Down on Homeschool “Rebels”

Cuban authorities crack down on homeschooling families 

Citations from Cuban Regime

The Rigals were pressured to sign this citation in acknowledgement of their alleged crime of homeschooling.

Cuba Crushes Homeschooling: Jails Pastor And Wife for Years, Others Recant

As of April 23, 2019, Cuban pastor Ramón Rigal and his wife Adya were sentenced to jail terms of 2.5 and 1.5 years of jail, respectively, for homeschooling their two children: Ruth, 13, and Joel, 9.

Senators Seek to Free Cuban Homeschool Parents

As of June 12, 2019, as the US Senate prepares a resolution calling on Cuba to inject freedom into its society and release jailed homeschoolers, more parents have been imprisoned for homeschooling in the Caribbean nation.

Cuba Still Sees Homeschooling as a Threat

Homeschooling still under attack in Cuba as parents try to exercise their rights