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How do I teach subjects to a child with global developmental delays?

You can homeschool your child with special needs. Here are some tips!

Shopping at the Homeschool Emporium (A Brief Fantasy)

What if there was a homeschool story with everything you could want from a Patience tonic to a box of Free Time!

Raising Free-Range Kids

What helicopter parenting is costing our kids (and what we can do about it).

The Joy of Anticipation

True fulfillment isn’t in acquisition; it’s about the labors of love, the joy of expectation, the hope in anticipation.

Dear Tired Homeschool Mom

You aren’t alone.  

6 Ways to Motivate Your Teen

When you're homeschooling, there are several ways you can motivate your teen to get homework done.

Modalities & Multiple Intelligences

The Way They Learn covers several different models used to determine learning styles.

5 (Kind of) Shocking Truths About Homeschooling

(And the secret to mastering homeschooling in 10 days.)

The Private Diary of the Perfect Homeschool Mom

Homeschooling, Day 1 . . . 

A Teenager in My House: 3 Takeaways

If you are wondering how to cultivate conversations with your teen, here are some ideas! 

Homeschooling in the Whirlwind

The storms of this spring have taught me valuable lessons, and now I am welcoming small pleasures—having my hair cut, eating at a restaurant, and going to church again.

Bounty and Ballast

What might be a comfort to us could be a necessity to someone else, and I don’t want to get bogged down with ballast which could prove a blessing to another. May we always remember to give freely as we have received.

Letters Deluge Harvard Magazine with Tales of Homeschool Success

The letters praise homeschooling with the authentic voice of those who have seen how the educational option has benefited their own families.

Oh Buoy: Brothers Score Swim Team Victory

A pair of homeschool athletes had their legal rights upheld when a high school sports appeal board ruled in their favor.

Homeschooling in China: Through the Eyes of a Guinea Pig

My mom didn’t know a lot about the blip on the radar called “homeschooling” when she embarked on the endeavor. With the amount of moving we did, it just made sense to try it.

Not What I Thought It Would Be

Homeschooling can look different from what you expected it to be, but that's not a bad thing.

Uproara, Colorado

A school district in Colorado has set up a web form to make paperwork easier for homeschool families. It also demands information not required by law.

Something is Better than Nothing: Adding Bible Study to Your School Day

If you’re just starting out, struggling with a routine, or falling off the wagon, I hope these thoughts are encouraging.

How I Started Math All Wrong This Year And What We Did About It

If math is causing daily drama—don’t panic! Here’s how this family stepped back to reassess.

Cultivating Motivation

It varies from child to child, but here are some ideas. 
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