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Homeschool End-of-Year Assessments Eliminated This Year!

Assistant Commissioner Christina Coughlin stated that as long as a student was on pace with their IHIP as of March 15, then he or she would be considered to have achieved "the learning outcomes."

Sixth Circuit “Right-to-Public-Education” Appeal Dismissed

In the famous words of Miracle Max, the Sixth Circuit panel’s bad decision is now all dead, not just mostly dead.

Annual Homeschool Assessments Waived for This Year

New Hampshire Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut has issued a “Waiver of Annual Educational Evaluation of Home Education Programs.”

Can You Accept the Filing Waiver in Good Conscience?

There are many good reasons to follow the new guidance for filing homeschool paperwork.

Virgin Islands: Will the Real Home Instruction Regulations Please Stand Up?

HSLDA urges families to disregard the spurious 2016 measure and instead comply with the lawful 1998 regulations.

“Meet the Moment” Grants for Homeschool Groups

HSLDA is excited to announce its partnership with the VELA Education Fund! Now through September 1, groups can apply for a grant to help families meet their children’s educational needs during the pandemic.

Virginia: Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination for Homeschoolers Coming?

On August 14, a bill was filed that would require the commissioner to honor religious exemptions from vaccination.

Misinformation Run Amok In San Diego

These misrepresentations are happening because many families are transferring their children from public school to homeschooling.

Fighting For a Homeschooled EMT’s Job Application

This young woman earned certificates in firefighting and emergency medical work. But a fire department said they couldn’t hire her because she was a homeschool graduate.

Homeschool Moves Ahead After Family Trauma

After her husband died, this widow started homeschooling to help her sons cope with their loss. Then she found help through some unexpected circumstances.

CPS: “Strip-Searching Kids is OK.” Um, No!

HSLDA is responding to a major challenge in our quest to deliver justice for Kentucky homeschool mom Holly Curry in her federal lawsuit.

Shadow Over PSAT Availability in Loudoun County

State law says public schools must administer the PSAT to homeschoolers who want to take the exam, which lets them compete for a scholarship. But some officials seem reluctant to comply.

Timing is Everything

With public schools in disarray due to COVID-19, homeschooling provides millions of families with real choices to address the education of their children. Which makes professor Elizabeth Bartholet’s call for banning homeschooling terribly ill-timed.

Grad Goes to Jail … But It’s Not What You Think

Employers at a detention facility wouldn’t hire a young man because they didn’t recognize his homeschool diploma.

Keep Homeschooling Free

An HSLDA attorney tells why as a teen he asked his parents to homeschool him, describes how effective the educational option is and explores why it should not be banned.

HSLDA - Making homeschooling possible


Maine Department of Education Waives State Filing for Homeschoolers

The Maine Department of Education has waived the requirement that families file their homeschool paperwork with the state. But an explanation of the decision and how it affects families is warranted.

Veteran Homeschoolers: “You Can Do This!”

Weeks into coronavirus-induced school-at-home, the media is reporting that many parents feel overwhelmed. But longtime homeschoolers want these families to know it doesn’t have to be this way.

A Look back at the Great California Homeschool Case of 2008

Professor Bartholet seems to feel that our effective advocacy has been underhanded in some way, referring to the "notorious Jonathan L. case in California." What exactly happened during that fateful case in 2008?

Kindergartner Misses Zoom Class, Gets Home Visit

A mom who decided to start homeschooling her kindergartner received a visit from officials. The reason? Her daughter had stopped attending public school classes on Zoom.
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