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Team Effort in Maine Protects Homeschool Kids’ Privacy

Just as we were preparing to defend homeschool families in court, state education officials have agreed to enforce the Maine homeschool law as written, safeguarding children’s personal information.

Local Counsel Wrangles Stray Financial Aid for Lone Star Students

Financial aid officers at a Texas college apparently forgot state law requires them to treat homeschool graduates the same as any other high school graduates. HSLDA’s local counsel helped to remind them.

Judges: Law Protects Kids’ Napping Freedom

A Texas court protected HSLDA members from CPS investigators’ fishing expedition, saying the department’s “responsibility to protect children from abusive parents does not authorize the state to oversee the internal affairs of every family.”

Shadow Over PSAT Availability in Loudoun County

State law says public schools must administer the PSAT to homeschoolers who want to take the exam, which lets them compete for a scholarship. But some officials seem reluctant to comply.

Hitting All the Right Notes: Homeschool Grad Admitted to Royal Academy of Music

Admissions officers at a prestigious London music school didn’t know what to make of this homeschool graduate’s high school transcripts. We helped show that her credentials were supported by state law.

District of Columbia Notice of Intent

D.C. regulations state that parents who wish to homeschool must use this official form provided by the OSSE. The form should be filed 15 days before you officially begin homeschooling, and every year thereafter by August 15.

CDPHE Nonmedical Immunization Exemption Form

Colorado law requires all students attending any school in the state to be vaccinated against certain diseases, unless and official exemption form is filed. If you'd like to opt out, use this nonmedical immunization exemption form as instructed.

How Homeschooling from Rest Helps You Connect with Your Kids

Teaching from a state of rest has transformed the homeschool experience of Sarah Mackenzie. Tune in to learn what it means, and how you can do it too.

Officials Reject This Evaluator’s 25 Years’ Experience

This case shows how public school officials sometimes invent requirements that are not supported by state law. The false demands dealt with who is qualified to conduct year-end student evaluations.

Introducing new series: HSLDA’s Response to Harvard Professor Bartholet

Bartholet's Harvard Magazine article recites the opinion that homeschooling is not only a health and safety risk for children but also a threat to society—and that homeschooled kids could become enemies of the state. HSLDA responds.

A Tale of Two Trends: Online Charter Schools Flounder, Homeschools Flourish

After a scandal involving misuse of funds, the California Legislature introduced a measure to reform online charter schools. Meanwhile, homeschooling in the state hit an all-time high. Are the trends linked?

Escape Charter School Bottleneck—Homeschooling Has No Waiting List!

Thanks to a limited state budget, California families hoping to enroll in at-home charter school programs are now on waiting lists. Many are turning to HSLDA for help transitioning to homeschooling.

Ohio: Am I Breaking the Law if I Send My NOI to the ESC?

At Home School Legal Defense Association, we answer thousands of questions from Ohio families every year and help resolve hundreds of disputes between homeschooling parents and the more than 600 school districts in the state.

Homeschooled Teen Wins Gold at Physics Olympiad

This homeschooled teen tackled calculus in the 5th grade, then went on to compete and coach for local and state math competitions. His latest feat? Winning gold at the 51st International Physics Olympiad.

You Can Homeschool With Special Needs!

Wondering about state homeschooling laws, IEPs, curriculum, special education evaluations and services, or therapy at home? Or need some practical tips? Join two special education experts and HSLDA Staff Attorney Tj Schmidt for answers!

The Basics of College Scholarships and Financial Aid

Financial aid and scholarships can make all the difference in whether your high schooler is able to afford college. Understand the types of financial aid and the application process to maximize your homeschool student’s chances of qualifying!

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