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H.R. 6666: What We Know So Far

H.R. 6666 in its current form offers few details on how tracking COVID-19 cases will be accomplished, and no added protections for patient privacy or restrictions on data collection and use.

COVID-19: Some Minnesota Districts Provide Wrong Information about Assessments

Governor Walz’s order does not apply to families homeschooling under state regulations.

COVID-19 Panic Leads to False CPS Report

A perfectly normal trip to the bank ended in this family being investigated by CPS.

Some School Districts Hoarding Students

As educators scramble to adapt to the coronavirus, some parents want to withdraw their children from public school-at-home and start homeschooling. In certain states, officials are saying that isn’t allowed.

Since When are Homeschoolers Dropouts?

Confusion over policies regarding withdrawing from high school have made it harder for some Indiana families who want to start homeschooling their teens.

COVID-19: Has Annual Testing for Homeschoolers Changed?

Continue to comply with the legal requirements set by state law for assessments, but use the flexibility the law allows.

Harvard Summit to Discuss Regulating Homeschooling

HSLDA is on the agenda, but we’re not invited. One of the organizers, Professor Elizabeth Bartholet, recently recommended “a presumptive ban on homeschooling.”

Even School Officials Agree: CPS is not a Homeschool Enforcement Tool

Arlington District’s harassment of new homeschooling families led to over 100 parents showing up to ask for an end to rejected homeschool paperwork and unwarranted CPS investigations. What happened next was a pleasant surprise.

Dad Being Tortured for Homeschooling


Customized Education with Special Needs Services—How Is This Neglect?

When parents decided to provide for the special needs of one of their twins through homeschooling, officials didn’t like it and filed two court cases that dragged on for months.

A Homeschool Researcher Responds to Harvard Professor’s Criticism

The purpose of this paper is to place in context and evaluate the efforts of many of those who negatively criticize homeschooling, homeschool researchers, or particular research studies on parent-led home-based education.

Freedom for Homeschooling Parents Preserved with Last-Minute Amendment!

Senate Bill 163 was amended Saturday, June 13, to clearly exempt homeschooling families from new reporting and exemption requirements.

Hybrid Education Helps Gifted Math Student Stay Challenged

After years of struggling to stay engaged in a traditional school setting, this teen turned to homeschooling as a way of stretching himself academically.

Is Fourth Amendment Protection a New Concept?

Harvard law professor Elizabeth Bartholet wonders why HSLDA cares so much about protecting homeschoolers' privacy rights. But given the history of the Fourth Amendment, we wonder why that's even a question.

Will Executive Order for Kansas Private Schools Affect Your Homeschool?

Our reading of the governor’s latest order mandating health precautions in private schools is that it shouldn’t affect “typical” homeschools. If yours isn’t typical, you may need to seek advice.

Harvard Professor: Committed to Civics and Diversity?

A nation that allows caring parents the liberty to raise and help their children flourish follows universal human rights standards.

Homeschool Surge: Are Tiny Tutoring “Pods” the Next Big Thing?

More and more parents are affirming plans to work outside institutional venues to craft an innovative, custom educational program for their kids. We call this homeschooling.

Here’s Why Good People Oppose "Reasonable" Homeschool Regulation

Harvard Professor Elizabeth Bartholet laments the fact that vigilant parents have historically resisted attempts to impose more regulations on homeschooling. Here are eight reasons why even well-meaning regulations can do more harm than good.

Homeschool End-of-Year Assessments Eliminated This Year!

Assistant Commissioner Christina Coughlin stated that as long as a student was on pace with their IHIP as of March 15, then he or she would be considered to have achieved "the learning outcomes."

Sixth Circuit “Right-to-Public-Education” Appeal Dismissed

In the famous words of Miracle Max, the Sixth Circuit panel’s bad decision is now all dead, not just mostly dead.
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