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Vermont Notice of Intent Form

Fill out this form and mail it to the Commissioner of Education when providing notice of intent to homeschool. Keep a copy for your own records.

Alabama Notice Forms

The Notice of Home-Based Education in a Private School is provided for those beginning homeschooling. If you'd like to postpone your child's compulsory attendance, use the Notice of Opt Out of School Enrollment instead.

Maryland Notice of Consent Form

This Maryland notice of consent form needs to be filled out once for each child, 15 days before the beginning of the child's home school program.

Maryland Exemption Request Form

If you live in Maryland and wish to exempt your 5-year-old child from mandatory school attendance for one year, you may choose to submit this form to your local school superintendent.

Hawaii Notice of Intent

Before you begin homeschooling in Hawaii, fill out this notice and mail it “certified mail/return receipt requested” to the principal of the school your child would otherwise attend.

Nevada Notice of Intent Form

You can use this notice of intent form to notify your local public school superintendent of your intention to homeschool. Follow the instructions below.

Maryland Annual Verification Forms

In Maryland, parents must verify they will continue to homeschool their children. Use one of these forms to verify with the proper authority that you will continue to homeschool.

Iowa Privacy Forms

While the privacy of your records is required by Iowa state law, you may choose to submit one of the forms below for further assurance.

Iowa Immunization Forms

If you would like your homeschooled child to be exempt from immunizations in the state of Iowa, you can use one of these forms.

Iowa PSEO Form

If you would like to enroll your student in a Post-Secondary Enrollment Option class in the state of Iowa, you may use the template below.

Illinois Driver's Ed. Forms

If your homeschooled student would like to enroll in Illinois public school driver education classes, use these forms as instructed below.

Arkansas Notice of Intent Form

Notice of Intent with instructions, to be completed and sent to your local county or city superintendent of schools via certified mail/return receipt requested.

Kansas Certificate of Exemption

Use this form as instructed below if you would like to exempt your 16-year-old from school attendance.

Louisiana Home Study Application and Renewal Form

There are two options for homeschooling in the state of Louisiana. If you've chosen to homeschool as a home study program, you may use the form below as instructed.

Maine Notice of Intent Forms

There are two options for homeschooling in the state of Maine. Those homeschooling under the home instruction option may use the forms below as instructed.


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Alabama—What are My Homeschooling Options?

All parents must comply with the state reporting requirements for the homeschooling option they choose.


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