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A Teenager in My House: 3 Takeaways

If you are wondering how to cultivate conversations with your teen, here are some ideas! 

Is All Of You In Your Own Basket

Take a deep breath—It isn’t all resting on your shoulders. 

Do You “Enjoy Every Moment”?

A homeschooling mom's thoughts on what it means to "Enjoy Every Moment."

You Need a Plan

How this homeschool family is helping their daughter plan for her future through the high school years.

Read-Alouds Are for Big Kids Too

Reading aloud has so many benefits, as this homeschooling mom shares! Here's how she fits reading time into their homeschool day.

Scheduling Your Homeschool Day: Rhythm and Routine

There are various ways to schedule your homeschool day. Here's what this mom has found works for her family: a blend of routine and flexibility.

High School Planning with Your Teen

Because every child is different, and especially because homeschooling encourages individuality, every child’s plan should look a little different.

Personal Progress in a Pandemic

The pandemic can be a positive opportunity to stretch yourself and grow in areas of weakness. This homeschooling mom shares how she improved her scheduling skills.

A Shadowbox of Memories: Choosing What to Treasure

When reviewing your homeschool journey, there are some moments to reflect on and cherish.

Do You Procrastinate? Evaluate!

"A Teen’s Guide to Getting Stuff Done by Jennifer Shannon, LMFT approaches procrastination not as a flaw to be conquered, but as a part of your personality to be understood . . ."

The “Professional” Homeschool Mom: Minimizing the Challenges

Teachers have an incredible impact in a child's life. Leaving an outside job to homeschool may take some adjustment, but in the end, you'll likely find it's one of the best investments you ever made.

Having Fun in a COVID Summer

If you’re looking for engaging activities to do with your preschooler in this final month of summer, here are some things we’ve loved.

10 Books to Read to Your Preschooler to Celebrate the Fourth of July

These 10 resources are a great way to prepare for Fourth of July celebrations and spark patriotism in your own children.

6 Tips to Begin Homeschooling Your Special Needs Child

If your child was just diagnosed with a learning disability or a special need of any kind, there can be a myriad of emotions to deal with, such as shock, concern, fear, relief, anger, or sadness.

A Homeschool Day in the Life: You Can Do This!

Here is an outline of our average homeschool day (from The Shutdown till our end of year in mid-June). For reference, I have five children: grades 4–7 (three girls), K/1st (boy), and a baby boy born last October.

Round and Round(ing): A Numbers Project

There's nothing like a real-life example to cement some math skills! 

How to Adapt if My Child’s Not on Grade Level

If your child is not on grade level or doesn’t seem to fit into the curriculum/level you have selected, don’t panic! Wondering where to begin and what’s allowed? grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk about it . . .

1.5 Billion Children, 190 Countries—All Learning at Home

With 90 percent of the world’s schoolchildren now learning at home, education leaders want their parents to know that homeschooling works.

The Year of Letting Go

Homeschooling has allowed me to prepare my children for adventures of their own. 

A Homeschooler’s School-at-Home Tips

If you're new to homeschooling during the pandemic, here are some tips from a veteran homeschool mom.
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