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Maine Forms to Homeschool as a REPS

There are two options for homeschooling in the state of Maine. Those homeschooling under the Recognized as Equivalent Private School (REPS) option may use the forms below as instructed.

Iowa Privacy Forms

While the privacy of your records is required by Iowa state law, you may choose to submit one of the forms below for further assurance.

Iowa PSEO Form

If you would like to enroll your student in a Post-Secondary Enrollment Option class in the state of Iowa, you may use the template below.

Louisiana Forms for Homeschooling as a Private School

There are two options for homeschooling in the state of Louisiana. If you've chosen to homeschool as a home-based private school, you may use these forms as instructed below.

Louisiana Home Study Application and Renewal Form

There are two options for homeschooling in the state of Louisiana. If you've chosen to homeschool as a home study program, you may use the form below as instructed.

Maine: Department Retracts Birth Date Demand!

Just as we were preparing to defend homeschool families in court, state education officials have agreed to enforce the Maine homeschool law as written.

No Booklist? We’re Throwing the Book at You!

A state official mistakenly asked for extra documents from this homeschool family, then said they might face truancy charges if they didn’t turn it in.

Treaty Threatens US Protection for Children

New federal legislation supports the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, a treaty that would transfer jurisdiction of state family and education laws to Congress—and ultimately to the UN.

HSLDA to VA Supreme Court: Uphold Our Liberty

A Virginia school district admits to state supreme court justices that it planned to prosecute a homeschool family over a made-up policy.

Persevering as a Single Parent

Kim Ransom is a homeschool mom, single parent, and state house representative. Listen to her story and strategies for balancing life’s demands.

Antsy School Officials Monkey with Paperwork Deadline

Officials in Kentucky and Florida apparently couldn’t wait to find out if some families planned to keep homeschooling in the fall. Except that state law says they have to.

Pandemic Drives Global Interest in Homeschooling

As governments around the globe struggle to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, we may just be witnessing a historic shift away from state schools and toward homeschooling.

Donate to Disaster Relief


Tennessee Homeschool Laws


Patriotic and Proud

I’m hopeful that we won’t be complacent in our present comforts but strive to better the state of those around the world still hungering for the kind of freedom we have experienced.

Florida Notices of Intent and Termination

In the state of Florida, you need to file a notice of intent when you begin your homeschool and a notice of termination when you stop. Use these forms as instructed below.

New Hampshire Notice of Intent and Completion Forms

If you'd like to homeschool in the state of New Hampshire, you'll need to file a notice of intent when you begin your homeschool, and a notice of completion when you cease. HSLDA members can use these forms as instructed.

Washington Declaration of Intent Form

Washington residents must file the Declaration of Intent to Homeschool using the format prescribed by the Superintendent of Public Instruction. If your district's form is not in compliance with state law, please use HSLDA's form.

Portsmouth Home Educators' Legal Action is Important for All Families

It's time for all parents to realise that they have been lulled into allowing their parental responsibilities to be usurped by the state, and that they should demand that what rightly belongs to them is returned without delay!

Maine Withdrawal Forms

There are two options for homeschooling in the state of Maine. Depending on the option you choose, you may use one of the forms below to follow the withdrawal procedure of the Maine school your child is currently attending.
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