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One-Year Waiting Period for Sports Participation Waived for Some Families!

A joint resolution temporarily waives the requirement that homeschooled students who have just transferred from public school wait a year before having the right to participate in sports in South Carolina public schools.

Moldovan Homeschoolers Ask Legislators for Support

Though homeschooling is still not fully legal in Moldova, more and more families are choosing this educational option—and asking legislators to support them.

New Archery Rules: Harder for Homeschoolers to Compete

Up until 2020, a national archery organization drew widespread participation among homeschool co-ops. Then a rule change caused unintended discrimination. We’re trying to help the organization get their rules back on target.

New Jersey: “Homeschooling Must Be Approved”?

When a mom decided to start homeschooling her son, an official at the public school he had attended made several unfounded demands. After our attorney got involved, the official finally stopped.

South Dakota District Imposes Phony Testing Deadline

Sioux Falls school district is once again inventing a deadline for submitting year-end tests.

HSLDA Sues New York City

Tanya had done everything right—filing paperwork and following the homeschool law of New York City. Imagine her shock when a Child Protective Services investigator came to her apartment because of a report of “educational neglect.”

COVID-19: How Missouri School Closure Impacts Homeschool Families

When Governor Parson recently ordered the closure of Missouri schools, he did not limit the closure exclusively to public schools.

Parents Switch to Homeschooling During Pandemic: How’s It Going?

We checked in with two new homeschool families to see how they’re doing.

Long Overdue: Updating South Dakota Homeschool Law

South Dakota’s archaic homeschool law is about to move into the 21st century if a bill filed today is enacted. Here are the main features.

Homeschooling in Portugal, a 72-year History of Freedom!

A national advocacy group is working to restore freedom to Portugal’s homeschool laws—and promote innovative educational options.

Lithuanian Government Finally Implements Home Education

Lithuania has devised procedures for homeschooling legally. However, there are problems in the regulations that need to be addressed.

Why Is Homeschooling Growing in Australia?

Many reasons factor into the steady growth of homeschooling in Australia—from a better legal climate to more positive treatment in the media.

Day-Late Paperwork Lands Grandma on Abuse Registry. Seriously?

A death in the family put this grandmother behind in filing a notice of intent and a quarterly report for the grandchildren she homeschools. CPS investigators said this amounted to maltreatment.

Enough is Enough

Tanya’s experience is not unique. Our legal team has heard similar stories over the years from other NYC families trying to begin homeschooling.

Denied Right to Homeschool, Mother Seeks Help from HSLDA

After trying for years to obtain an exemption from the Barbados Ministry of Education, a mother of two decided to homeschool anyway.

Homeschooled Harvard Alumni: Excuse Me, Professor . . .

A Harvard professor wants to ban homeschooling. Harvard alumni, along with homeschooling parents, grads, and supporters, are responding with reasons why this is a bad idea.

How to Survive Daily Life for Those Suddenly Schooling at Home

A homeschool advocate and education expert in Portugal offers advice for making the most of being stuck at home with your kids during the coronavirus pandemic.

Panama and Brazil Talk Homeschool Freedom as France Battles Restrictions

Debates in national legislatures from South America to Europe show how homeschooling has become an important issue, opening up new educational opportunities for thousands of children.

COVID-19: South Dakota Homeschool Testing Requirements Waived for 2019–2020

Governor Kristi Noem waived South Dakota’s homeschool testing requirements for the 2019–2020 school year.

Child Support Restored for Special Needs Student

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