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Pennsylvania Homeschool Affidavit

If you plan to homeschool under the first option in Pennsylvania, you'll need to file a homeschool affidavit.

Montana Notice of Intent Form

Fill out this notice and mail it to the superintendent of your Montana school district at the beginning of each school year.

Maine Forms to Homeschool as a REPS

There are two options for homeschooling in the state of Maine. Those homeschooling under the Recognized as Equivalent Private School (REPS) option may use the forms below as instructed.

Florida Notices of Intent and Termination

In the state of Florida, you need to file a notice of intent when you begin your homeschool and a notice of termination when you stop. Use these forms as instructed below.

Alabama Private School Enrollment and Absence Report

If you choose to homeschool under the Private School option, you can use this form to track your student's attendance and absences in your homeschool.

Nebraska 6-year-old Exemption Affidavit

If you live in Nebraska and your child is 6-years old, you can file this form with your local school district, instead of the Rule 12 or Rule 13 paperwork.

Michigan Sample Letters

Depending on your preferred method of homeschooling, you may use one of the letters below as a template to respond to a school official's inquiry concerning your compliance with the compulsory attendance law in Michigan.

Michigan Nonpublic School Attendance Form

This is a form to be used by nonpublic schools in Michigan to report information to the local public school superintendent or intermediate school district superintendent at the beginning of each school year.

Washington Declaration of Intent Form

Washington residents must file the Declaration of Intent to Homeschool using the format prescribed by the Superintendent of Public Instruction. If your district's form is not in compliance with state law, please use HSLDA's form.

Massachusetts Notice of Intent Forms

To homeschool in Massachusetts you must submit a notice of intent to begin your homeschool, and a notice of intent to continue homeschooling each year after. Use these forms as instructed.

Massachusetts Sample Education Plan

Homeschool families in Massachusetts must submit an education plan along with their notice of intent each year. HSLDA members can customize this editable sample education plan to ensure they include all necessary information.

Virginia Adding a Child to Religion Exemption Form

Use this sample letter to add your child to your religious exemption in order to homeschool under the religious exemption option.

Virginia Sample Letter of Exemption from Kindergarten

If you live in Virginia, you may send this letter to the county school board and waive the requirement that you file a notice of intent for your 5-year-old.

Texas Statement of Assurance

Per Texas homeschool law, use this form to provide assurance that the five subjects delineated in Leeper (reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics, and the study of good citizenship) are being taught.

New York Individualized Home Instruction Plan

New York parents must submit an Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) to their local school district, but the form provided may seek more information than is legally required. As an alternative, HSLDA provides this form.

New York Quarterly Report Form

Parents are free to use any format in submitting quarterly reports. HSLDA provides this form for your convenience.

Minnesota Homeschool Notice Forms

In Minnesota, homeschool educators should notify their local public school superintendent when they initially begin homeschooling, each year they intend to continue homeschooling, and in the event of a move while homeschooling.

Minnesota Preschool Screening Exemption Form

Many Minnesota school districts send forms to be completed regarding screening for preschooled students. This form notifies the school district that you are aware, but do not wish to participate.

California Statement in Lieu—Private School Affidavit Alternative

If filing the California Private School Affidavit online is not an option, you can file a statement in lieu of the affidavit for your homeschool, which may be filed by mail. Read the required information for your statement here.

Massachusetts Sample Progress Report

This is a SAMPLE progress report intended to provide HSLDA members an example of what a progress report in Massachusetts could look like.
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